Donovan McNabb: Pierce to ‘be the guy’ in 2013

Pierce v chargers

According to Donovan McNabb, he believes that Rice will not have a productive year in 2013 and will instead, take step back.

McNabb spoke on NFL Network’s Total Access recently and said, “Ray Rice fumbled the ball entirely too much last year.”

I am not blaming McNabb for all of this because I am sure it was the writers on the show that came up with this narrative, but that doesn’t make the point any more valid.

In the 2012 regular season, Rice only fumbled the ball one time, and it was recovered by the Ravens. So to say that Ray Rice will be going backwards in 2013 and not having a productive year does not sound right at all.

Rice ranks very low, in a good way, with only one regular season fumble last year as compared to players such as Willis McGahee and Jamaal Charles who both had 5 fumbles and lead all running backs in that category.

Now I understand that, in the playoffs, Rice did fumble the ball three times (twice against the Indianapolis Colt in the AFC Wild Card game, and once against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII). And don’t get me wrong – those are big games to fumble the ball in, but the Ravens were still victorious in the end.

McNabb also goes on to say that he expects running back Bernard Pierce to step up and “be the guy.”

I hope Pierce does step up and play great in his second season with the team.

Pierce is explosive and can break tackles. He carried the ball 108 times in the regular season and accounted for 532 yards and one touchdown. In the postseason, Pierce also put in 39 carries for 202 yards. Those are very impressive numbers for a rookie running back playing behind a pro bowl running back in Ray Rice.

Ravens fans know they saw a lot of positive, exciting plays from the young man out of Temple last season. I am not expecting Pierce to split carries with Rice yet, but having a dual threat at any position in today’s game is a positive.

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22 Raves on “Donovan McNabb: Pierce to ‘be the guy’ in 2013

  1. cornell dorsey on said:

    i watch bernard pierce run and one word comes to mind,torque.from stopped position,he can accellerate almost instantly.he is very graceful when is running.similarity to peterson.hits the hole like nobodies business,and is gone.i love his foot work and vision.the pair is going to have to be dealt with because rice alone can kick your ass.dont know what mcnabb is taliking about.i will agree on the emerge part about pierce fact ill just say this,the ravens will be on the loose this year,and spectacularly all those people who hate the ravens,youll learn to love this year

  2. g money on said:

    Mcnabb is a turd. Bernard is going to have a great year, no doubt. But Raymond is not going to disappear, believe that. He is going to be completely focused, and he will become even MORE of a receiving threat. The one-two punch is going to be scary.

    • True on said:

      McKnabb threw way too many interceptions in the superbowl. His team was winning that game, crrruushing them, but McKnabb threw it away.

  3. pvrcbabe on said:

    McNabb is an idiot! I hope that Bernard plays well and has a great season, but he won’t be replacing Rice, just complementing him. I think that RR put too much pressure on himself in that Colts game, since it could have been Ray Lewis’s last game. He needs to curtail his emotions a bit in those pressure situations. He fumbled in the playoffs before. I am sure this is something he can overcome!

  4. paulie on said:

    Donovan McNabb really needs to get over himself.
    With 95 fumbles, he put the ball on the ground so
    often that I thought he was playing rugby . . .

  5. mcsmith on said:

    I’m afraid Pierce is going to have to run more because Ray’s contract ends and Ravens won’t be able to match what someone else will pay him. Love them both but imo Pierce is better all around except receiving.

  6. John on said:

    Funny how Ray Rice is a fumbler for what he did in the playoffs. At the same time, Flacco’s playoff run was a mere aberration…

    Just sayin’…

  7. Big Perm on said:

    Pierce is a monster. But let’s not forget how important Ray Rice is and has been since he came to Baltimore. Defenses can’t account for both of these guys. I hope to see a lot of 2 back sets where Ray motions to the slot. The defense won’t know what to do. This could be the most dangerous RB duo in the NFL.

  8. Boldin Raver on said:

    McN-n-n-nabb had 95 fumbles. In rushing alone he had 33 oopsies while gaining 5,374, which breaks down to a rooskie per 104 yards. Ray Rice with his seven drops over 8,233 combined yards breaks down to one fumble per 1,176 yards gained. I wish I could subtract how much the other team gained from the fumbles from their yard totals. That would really get to the true cost of the fumble or in McNabb terms, how many fumbles is “too much.” I said, “who the — is McNabb to go calling out Ruh Roh for being a fumbler?!” My colleague astutely pointed out that with 95 fumbles he is the “authority on the subject.” Good answer.

  9. Fran the Fan on said:

    During early to mid-July, which happens to be the slowest time of the NFL year, shows like NFLN, NFL Live, and others are looking for all the sound bites (accurate or not) that they can get. The more provocative, the better. The other morning on CBS Radio Baltimore I heard Jamie Dukes asked about the AFC North, and he said that the Steelers were definitely the team to beat. In his estimation the Ravens have lost too many assets and would probably not make the playoffs. Naturally there was no discussion of the acquisition of Canty, Dumervill, Huff,, not to mention the great draft the Ravens had.

    Trolls are trolls, whether they are writing on or talking on a cable show.

  10. PG County Ravens on said:

    Why are we listening to DMcNabb? In the words of his former coach in Washington: “When you deal with a two-minute offense where you don’t have any timeouts and you haven’t done it in five weeks, you’re calling sometimes two plays, you gotta hustle to the line of scrimmage and you’re working cardiovascular endurance at the same time you’re working the clock,” Shanahan explained. “It’s really hard to do that when you haven’t practiced it and you haven’t put out yourself in any type of strenuous activity because of your hamstrings. I felt it was in the best interest of our team that he wouldn’t play (in the two-minute offense). Rex hadn’t practiced either, but he’s in very good shape. He understands the terminology inside and out so he can make the double calls. It was nothing against Donovan. I thought it would be in our best interest to go in a different direction.”

    Let me translate that long-winded explanation: McNabb is fat and lazy.

    GO Ravens!

  11. JohnnyRez on said:

    Is this comment really coming from a guy who averaged nearly a pick per game his last few years. Turd is right. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I agree, let’s just hopefully assume that it was the NFL Network writers fed him him this crap and not all that all those cheesesteaks and concussions that he obviously regularly sustained in Philadelphia all those years that didn’t erode his already low limited cognitive skills. Clearly, Rice will continue to be Baltimore’s primary RB stud. The different running styles of the two should serve to be nice compliments to the running game in 2013. RAVENS!

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