Doss Begins to Answer Critics

Doss out of tunnel 728

Back in August I came down very hard on Tandon Doss in an article entitled It’s Time for The Ravens to Toss Doss. In it I agreed with the assessment of former Ravens cornerback Cary Williams and the insinuation of former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron – Doss is soft, I concluded.

No NFL player wants that description anywhere near his resume.

But there it was and Doss earned it and earned his way off the 2013 Ravens after the team’s final preseason game.

Doss’ friend and teammate Torrey Smith came to his wide receiver mate’s defense and waged a mini Twitter war with me.

Smith had little to base his defense of Doss on then, but he does now.

Since his return to the team in Week 2, a move necessitated by the injury to Jacoby Jones, Doss has come to life. He’s been a sure-handed punt returner averaging nearly 18 yards on 15 returns and as a receiver, he’s seemingly lost his timid ways when it comes to contact.

Here’s your proof.

YouTube Preview Image

Doss is on pace to make 30 catches for 546 yards. Those are rather modest numbers yet they represent a great turnaround for the 24-year-old former Indiana Hoosier.

Perhaps I was wrong about Doss.

I hope so.

You have to admire a man who when faced with his last opportunity to turn his career around, confronts his demons and answers his critics not with words but with actions. Tandon Doss is on his way to doing that. Once he establishes consistency he will have completed the process.

And then maybe he’ll become the professional receiver that those in the Ravens’ draft war room expected him to be when Ozzie Newsome called his name on Day 3 of the 2011 NFL Draft.

And then maybe I’ll issue a public apology and begin writing articles with titles like “It’s Time for the Ravens to Toss it to Doss…”

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13 Raves on “Doss Begins to Answer Critics

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I have been impressed, he deserves a good deal of praise for stepping up.
    Sense he was cut and then resigned, what is his contract like?

  2. Nancy on said:

    I am pleased that he has taken his second chance, learned from it and we all can reap the benefits. Think about all those men who didn’t step up given the chance, a troubled middle linebacker comes to mind!

  3. Paul on said:


    I’ve always thought that Doss could be the #2 receiver on this team. I watched a lot of him in college and I was always impressed with his routes and his hands. The talent was always there.

    I too hope that he has figured out that he can’t coast by on talent alone and he has to put in the time to get better. He’s finding the ball in traffic, he’s making catches, he’s getting separation in his routes and he is also making nice blocks on running plays.

    I don’t see Doss as emerging into a 1,000+ yard receiver any time soon, but I definitely think he could be a 60/800 type of player.

  4. Merlene on said:

    Chris, I’m in the same boat as you, I wanted him gone, to me he was nothing but a bench warmer. He had yet to prove his worthiness to the team. The day he got cut I was ready to do a happy dance.

    I admit I was pissed when I learned they brought him back, after saying a few choice words, and my famous WTF? Putting him at punt return I felt was safe, beings Jones was out, so I gave him the benefit of doubt.

    I agree I think Tandon needed a wake up call, and him being cut scared the crap out of him, and his performance has improved.

    So I say to you, that plate of crow I had to eat was pretty nasty.

  5. biscuit on said:

    I have always been a fan of Doss and am glad to see him succeed. More importantly, the fact that you have written this article contrasting your original argument makes me respect your input. Not a lot of sports bloggers or writers have the grapes to spend an entire piece on what they got wrong (at least to this point). Well done. I enjoy your articles.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Thanks for your kind words. I was taught to admit when you are wrong and when you are right let others talk about it. As a fan of the team, I’m very happy to admit my mistake and I hope that as time goes on Tandon Doss makes that original post seem more and more foolish. Here’s to No. 17′s continued turnaround!

      • D.Rudolph on said:

        I’m not really into defending anyone, but the “i told you so” folks are the most humorous. The assessment wasn’t wrong at the time of the original article, and when the ravens cut him they also saw the same thing. Doss was underachieving. Torey can’t be blamed for defending his team mate, its what team mates do.
        This latest article really just enforces Tony’s assessment of Doss. Tons of potential and lots of underachieving. Tandon said as much after his first game back. He said being cut from the team was a wake up call for him.
        So everyone that is standing on their soap box, saying they were right, should step down and be reminded of something my mother used to tell me when i was a kid….no one likes a know it all.

        The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”
        ― Winston Churchill

  6. JerryB on said:

    Tony, If Doss continues to prove those of us who thought he was a “bust” wrong, that would truly be a great reversal of fortune! In fairness to us, however, is the fact that he was cut from the team because of poor performance. By taking this additional opportunity to prove us all wrong, it is testament not just to the young man’s ability, but to his character as well! Here’s hoping he continues to succeed,,,,,,,

  7. Ravcolt on said:

    The decision to toss Doss at the time was obvious based on his career of nonperformance. His attitude was even more in question. Once he got the gate he woke up (like so many of us in life) and the Ravens have been the better since bringing him back. His confidence as a punt returner seems a huge positive, and one wonders why it wasn’t evident earlier over the last few years?

  8. RON on said:

    hold on to you statement a little longer still to early
    also when he was cut other team look at him and did not like what they saw either
    more over he was sign by a team and then he was cut by them [and look what team ]
    so maybe he did wake up and decided to give it his all that will be great or will the fame go to his head
    like so many other’s an that all there is [big mac]

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