Draft Grades are a Joke!


A couple of days ago I mocked the mock drafts despite the fact that a few of our bloggers took turns providing mocks.

Oh the irony…

Today, I’ll turn my attention towards another rather amusing NFL Draft media byproduct – Draft Grades. How funny are they?

Draft analysts and NFL GM wannabes nationwide will take out their red pens and assess what each team has done during draft weekend. You or me or the guy at the corner of the bar critiquing Ozzie Newsome is akin to giving Larry Bird shooting tips; Phil Mickelson sand wedge lessons; and Evan Longoria advice on how to play the hot corner.

It’s ridiculous – yet we’ll read it nonetheless. Just like we’ll moan about backups on the interstate because folks are rubbernecking over a guy changing a flat yet when we get up next to the poor fellow we do the same.

Seriously, grading a draft before these players mesh with their new teams. Really?

Before their bodies fully develop?

Before we see if they are up to the cerebral challenges of the NFL?

Before it can be determined if they can keep up with the speed of game?

Perhaps the biggest surprise in decades on draft day was Tom Brady, chosen with the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL Draft. SI’s Peter King, the biggest Patriots suck-up on the planet while grading the Patriots after that draft gave them a B+ and commented that RB J.R. Redmond would be an every down back by October 1.

No mention of Tom Brady.

Redmond played 33 career games with the Patriots and was out of the league by 2005 with 676 total rushing yards to his credit.

In that same draft King gave the Raiders a grade of A- despite using their first round pick on a kicker – Sebastian Janikowski.

Here’s what he said about the Ravens draft in 2000:

The point here isn’t to beat up on King but rather the whole concept of draft grades.

Come see me in three years and THEN we can grade those drafts.

Until then don’t vent your spleen if the MMQB gives the Ravens a “D” on Monday or feel jubilant if he gives them an “A+”. That and $8 will get you a draught beer at M&T Bank Stadium.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finish this email to Buck Showalter with my thoughts on how to utilize the starting rotation more efficiently.

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12 Raves on “Draft Grades are a Joke!

  1. True on said:

    Well, you can say the team addressed the needs with players with playing styles of need and had a lot of production in those particular areas. Do I completely agree what these fatheads have to say about the Ravens? No, they haven’t given the Ravens a chance since we moved to Baltimore and we weren’t even the Ravens yet. There’s a reason these guys aren’t actually running the franchises. If they were “guru’s” they’d have a team that they actually help.

    • Mill on said:

      Some of them actually offer good analysis because they do put the time in and know these prospects as well as the teams do. A guy like Mike Mayock studies these players all year around. The problem is most of them don’t start to look at the players in the draft until after the season has ended. Thus you get a bunch of guys spewing recycled crap about a player and using mis information from teams to hype a guy or cause a guy to “slide”. It is why you see guys like Geno Smith or Jimmy Clausen mocked as top 10 picks and they are actually viewed as 2nd round prospects by teams. These analysts haven’t figured out that teams will tell them anything to push their guy down the board.

  2. IrieMon on said:

    This was absolutely hilarious! Actually made me laugh out loud. Well said. Reminds me of this blog I read where this guy gave the Elam pick a B-. Very funny.

  3. eric on said:

    people always get confused. Draft grades are about value: did u get a guy in 1st rd who u could have gotten in 3rd rd and vice versa. long term all anyone cares is how many good players did u get

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Yes and how about this one from Peter King back in 2000 when he gave Cleveland a “B” just for selecting Courtney Brown, saying, “Courtney Brown is a draft.”

      Uh, no he wasn’t (and he was the first pick in the draft).

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      You kill me how you can criticize one of the league’s best front offices and best evaluators of talent. There’s a reason why they’ve had the most compensatory picks in the league since the club’s inception.

      Got any tips to help Tiger Woods improve his game?

  4. RustonRifle on said:

    I read draft grades for fun but no one should take them serious in comparison to the peeps that make the pick, work the interview process and not only spend many months scouting prospects but are trained to understand what they see as well……

  5. JerryB on said:

    Couldn’t agree more, Tony! But, they sure look good on paper! Question: do you think Dennis Pitta, assuming he’s resigned, could replace Boldin? They seem to be loading up on TE’s, so I’m just wonderin’?!

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Pitta isn’t going anywhere and he’ll get some of Boldin’s routes. I think they will let Doss and Reed battle for Boldin’s job and if they fail they will go and get someone. Mellette is a long shot during his rookie season…absorbing the mental aspect of the NFL is tough for a WR. Thompson and Streeter are outside guys and I don’t see them be effective as a 2 but of the two Thompson is more likely. Another long-shot is LaQuan Williams. He’s tough so he could take on the role and if he can be consistent he’s got a chance.

      • JerryB on said:

        In the same context, the FB from Harvard is a very intriguing prospect, having played TE and the “slot” very effectively. His coach has opined that he dropped only 2 passes out of 120 chances during his career and lined up in the “slot” quite a bit, adding that you don’t catch 52 passes from the FB spot…….

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