Driven by Greed The NFL Sticks it to Baltimore!


If you go on Facebook and browse the photo galleries of anyone between the ages of 18-25, chances are you will find people with an inexplicable urge to flash the bird at the photographer.

Today that would be me if Roger Goodell were the photographer.

And THAT would NOT be inexplicable!

Hey Baltimore fans, let’s just call Schedule-Gate what it is – a royal screwing courtesy the NFL! You are being asked to bend over and take it with a smile!

Charm City, you are supposed to enjoy the limelight of the NFL’s opening game of the season. You are supposed to be exulted. The city should be cloaked in all things purple. This is Baltimore’s chance to stand upon a stage and beam with civic pride because WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS…OF THE WORLD!!!

Instead you are now being told that despite your accomplishments, your emotional investment and the investment of your hard earned dollars right on through the Super Bowl and beyond on expensive things such as tickets, airfare, hotels, parking, concessions, memorabilia, licensed gear, etc., etc., that YOU don’t matter. They just don’t give a rat’s ass!

The NFL is essentially wearing their greedy grins, laughing at your devotion and mocking you Baltimore!

Taking the league’s opening night to a city other than that of the champion is like crowning the 3rd runner-up in the Miss America Pageant; it’s like adorning the 4th place finisher in The Preakness with the bed of black-eyed Susans; it’s on par with forcing the winner of the Daytona 500 to watch another driver take the victory lap; it’s akin to giving the Green Jacket at The Masters to the golfer who finished 2 strokes behind the winner.

This is a rip off of epic proportions!

How degrading is it for this disingenuous commissioner to stand up at his cushy little podium and say he and the league have done their best for the fans of Baltimore. The same pretentious prick who insults your intelligence by twisting your outcries against paying full price for preseason games and then uses that as his justification to expand the regular season schedule to 18 games.

The only thing the league and this commissioner care about is money. MON-EY!

Every action, every behavior, even the feigned community centricity has one thing, one goal in mind – more Benjamins!

The solution to this Thursday night dilemma has been staring the NFL’s head honchos in the face the moment the scheduling snafu was discovered. Move the damn game to Wednesday. They did it last year to step aside for the Democratic National Convention.

So why won’t they do it again?

Simple answer – MONEY!

The ratings apparently aren’t as good on Wednesday nights and what do weaker ratings spell – LESS MONEY.

So do us a solid Goodell. Don’t tell us you tried. You didn’t!

Don’t tell us you care. You don’t.

You are a freaking phony and please, don’t hand me this Rosh Hashanah BS. Not to disrespect the Jewish Community but games have been played on Rosh Hashanah before and they will be played again during this Holiday particularly if it means more profit for the league.

And for those of you who want to blame Mr. Angelos for this mess, forget about it! This isn’t on the Orioles or MLB. This one is on the empty suit who “earns” about a million per month.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, I love the guy but come on paisan! If the league is going to stiff us and then make us go on the road, then just give up the opening game. Just give it up altogether!

Give us a Sunday home game a 1 o’clock and we’ll have our own little celebration. We should NOT open on the road. It’s like getting married again and then honeymooning with your ex.

Do something – ANYTHING other than this.

And let’s be real here, we all know where this is headed.

The Ravens will open on the road in Denver. The AFC’s third runner-up will be the showcased team. We’ll hear about how the Ravens have lost so much star-power. No Ray Lewis or Ed Reed or Anquan Boldin. And then it will get worse.




It will a Peyton Manning love fest. He’ll be rested and we’ll hear repeatedly about how great Peyton is and how he and his brand new little toy named Wes Welker are developing a rapport until we’ll all just want to hurl.

In the end it will be a Denver celebration.

Not yours Baltimore!

That newly constructed defense without the benefit of Baltimore’s great 12th man and without a regular season game under their collective belt will be torn to shreds like Lindsay Lohan tears through an 8-ball. Manning will have a field day.

Can you see it?

Play the damn game at home and to hell with the National TV audience.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a few pictures and mail them to Roger Goodell.

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82 Raves on “Driven by Greed The NFL Sticks it to Baltimore!

  1. Michael T. on said:

    Thank You Tony, You Have proven yourself quite the “wordoliguist”(like that spelling) with this rant. No one could have said it better!

  2. C on said:

    I am still unclear why they can’t play the game at home on Thursday night regardless if there is a baseball game at the same time. Are you telling me our city and the fans can’t handle “extreme traffic congestion” for one day? At least 70,000 people aren’t going to be trying to navigate their way home anyway since they’ll be staying to watch the game.

    • Lionel Mandrake on said:

      It isn’t just traffic congestion, though that would be grim. It is the parking. Both teams’ fans share the same parking lots, including being given duplicate permits for the same lots.

      Obviously something could be worked out, if it absolutely had to be, the problem is that people are operating under the assumption that a Thursday night Ravens home/season opener isn’t that crucial.

      • gad on said:

        it’s not just the parking they share, but also employees. most of the stadium staff work both for the o’s and ravens. that would be more of a problem then just parking.

  3. Ashton VSG on said:

    This is not the Orioles or MLB’s fault. However, the Orioles could have easily made an accommodation that would have solved the problem. They chose not to. Sometimes, you have to do the right thing and be part of the solution, even if you are not part of the problem. They chose not to. The Orioles have bled this town ever since Eli Jacobs owned the team. This was their time to show a little civic responsibility but they blew it. Epic fail on their part. I won’t attend their games anymore. Over the years, they have consistently shown that they don’t give a damn about this city. Why should I care about them?

    • bogeyroy on said:

      The White sox and MLB would have had to approve moving the game to the afternoon, so one should noy just blame the orioles.

      • modoman on said:

        Tony you are correct…this in entirely about the NFL’s greed, but I believe the O’s could have done more with this. There will be practically no one there to see the O’s game on Sept. 5 with the Ravens playing in prime time. If by chance the O’s game had gotten rained out on Sept. 5, the Orioles and White Sox would be playing a day-night doubleheader on Sat., Sept. 7! Simple solution to me, despite what the Orioles, MLB and the White Sox may have said..Were the White Sox even consulted??? I wonder…the looks bad for Baltimore, the Orioles and the NFL.

    • Kathy on said:

      I don’t know why it’s not MLB’s fault. They make the schedules way in advance and know that football season starts that particular week. Whether it’s a Thursday game or a Sunday game, the Orioles playing in town would be a problem, but they scheduled them to be here anyway.

      • gad on said:

        kathy, but mlb didn’t know way in advance that we were going to win the super bowl and would be scheduled to play at home that weekend. if we hadn’t won, we would have opened on the road and this would not be an issue. whenever the ravens open their season on the road, it is because the orioles are playing at home that weekend. it is only pertinent this year because we won the super bowl. we are not the only football team that isn’t able to play when the hometown baseball team is playing at home. mlb couldn’t possibly project that every nfl team who has that issue might possibly win the super bowl so just in case, not schedule home baseball games the opening week for football. i worked for a major league sports team and it is a very complicated process to put out the schedule and it just isn’t football they have to rework schedules out for.

    • OriAl on said:

      The Orioles offered to move their game to 4:05. The city said they couldn’t handle that. The Orioles could not have done anything else (assuming the White Sox, MLB, and the MLBPA approved of any offer) without hurting their position during an expected pennant drive. Playing at 1:00 after a night road game is against MLB rules. Playing a split doubleheader on Saturday messes up the pitching rotation, as well as requiring a lesser lineup in game two. I don’t think Buck would go for that.

      This is TOTALLY on the NFL. Had the NFL informed MLB that Baltimore was a possible Super Bowl winner, and thus would need a home game Thursday, Sept. 5, MLB would have scheduled around it (a road game or an off day.) Any Ravens fan who blames the Orioles is being foolish.

      And, the game could certainly have been played on Wednesday (and the first night of Rosh Hashanah), now that a precedent has been set (note – I hate non-Monday weeknight games.) Yes, some of my fellow Jewish fans would have been upset, but things don’t always work out. Or Sunday night.

  4. Mike on said:

    Is this writer 12 years old? What a whiny rant. First of all, there is a reason the game isn’t being moved to Wednesday night; it’s a Jewish high holiday (Rosh Hoshona, I believe. In NY we once had the Jets & Giants playing at the same time due to the holiday). This business about the Super Bowl winning team getting the first game of the season, and playing it at home is only a relatively recent phenomenon; no one is OWED any such thing. Get over it.

    • Ravens Rob on said:

      It obviously went over your head that the NFL played 14 games on Rosh Hashanah last year including a Sunday night game. It’s all about the money & ratings. I’d have more respect for Goodell if he just admitted he was sticking it to us instead of taking us for fools. I also think he secretly wants to open the season in Denver so his boy Peyton can be in it.

      • Mike on said:

        No, it went over your head that the Jets and Giants both played at 1:00 one season because the issue on Rosh Hoshonah apparently is sundown. Take off the Ray Lewis jersey and look at this objectively.

        • Sharon on said:

          Mike, I understand your sentiments but still think you are wrong. This is purely about about money. If you cannot see that, then you are the one not being objective. Goodell is scapegoating Rosh Hoshona. But the real reason that the Ravens will play on the road is because Wednesdays are not conducive for big ratings in terms of football. If respecting religion was the problem here football would not even be played on Sundays.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Check the MLB schedule for the Mets @atlanta and Yankees (home) white sox for September 4 then please explain to us all how your New York
      baseball teams make adjustments for
      Rosh Hoshona and tell us how the Ravens OWE your holiday.

    • Todd on said:

      It is the Jewish high holiday..and??? We play on Christmas, New years, three games on Thanksgiving there will NBA, NHL and MLB next week on Easter. Why is this the holiday that they draw the line at? Face it there is no real reason not to play on Wednesday.

    • Mill on said:

      As, Tony pointed out in an earlier post there are a number of examples of games being played on Rosh Hoshona, including last season if I am not mistaken. It should also be noted that Rosh Hoshona is not a one day event. It starts on the 4th and ends on the 6th. So, even playing the game on the 5th is interfering with that holiday.

      Plain and simple, the whole Jewish Holiday thing is a cop out. Thursday night is the biggest rating night of the week. That is why the NFL refuses to move the game to Wednesday.

    • Rich on said:

      Games are played on christmas eve and thanksgiving. The league doesn’t have a problem scheduling games then and no one complains about it. You get over it. You and I both know that if New England or Denver won the Super Bowl they would be opening at home the next season. And the only reason the jets and the giants could play at the same time is because no one went to the jets game…… because they’re horrible.

  5. Your English Teacher on said:

    The Ravens game could easily have been played on Thursday night. I agree that there will be 5,000 people at the Orioles game. That’s less than a 10% increase to the 70,000+ that the Ravens game will draw. I doubt that anyone would even notice the comparative pittance of clueless, meandering orange-clad Orioles fans on the north edge of the action.

    • Kevin in Warrenton VA on said:

      This is what I was thinking. Heck the O’s could potentially sell their game out by playing the afternoon. Many Raven Fans would spend the whole day downtown, Spending MONEY I might add, that benefits the entire Baltimore inner harbor business district. You hear that O’s a potential sell out on a Thursday!
      Looking at the O’s schedue for the Thursday night game they play the White Sox…Another low attendance day. The real issue is that the O’s also play the night before on Wednesday (What Jewish Holiday?), actually the O’s play everyday except two in the month of September.
      Move the O’s to Friday as a double header?
      Pretty silly of MLB not to make accomodations.

  6. Goodell's Limp Noodle on said:

    And thank you, Ashton VSG, for allowing the NFL to do what it’s been trying to do this whole time: Manipulating the fans into blaming the Orioles when it was never their decision to make.

    • jimi on said:

      I just cant understand why people cant see this point!!! Its because of the moral fabric of the society we have allowed ourselves to become….take no responsibility for anything and blame anyone and everyone else…..

  7. john on said:

    Its the Roger Goodell powder puff arena league NFL now. This jerk – along with the lawyers- has done more to destroy this great sport then anything else, and yes the other side is greed. That’s OK Roger what comes around goes around you low life!!!

  8. bart on said:

    Don’t play the f&*%@#g game. Forfeit. Biscotti doesn’t have the balls to do that! He’s a company man. What are they gonna do; fire the champs.

  9. Jim Roark on said:

    Finally! This is the first I’ve read that sees it the same as I do. The NFL never wanted this game in Baltimore. They wanted it in the “beautiful” Mile High City all along. And I have been telling people that. Let the NFL’s Manning Welker lovefest begin. I do like Steve as an owner, but in this case I wish he would grow a set and tell Goodell to take his “open on the road” idea and stick it up his Rocky Mountain ass. Let the Ravens play at home on Sunday at 1pm and celebrate our championship with the people that matter…the fans!

    • jimi on said:

      I agree 100%….decline the oppurtunity to open the season if it isnt played right here in baltimore….I truelly believe this story isnt over!!!!!!

  10. Lionel Mandrake on said:


    Sunday at 1 p.m. is not possible for the same reason Thursday is not possible, the O’s have a home game at 1:35 p.m. on Sunday.

    For whatever reason, the O’s scheduled 2013 assuming we would play week 1′s game on the road. Maybe this is predecided, but in any event, Wednesday night (or earlier) is the only possible solution.

  11. ravens fan in the south on said:

    The Orioles do have a hectic (20 days straight) schedule that is coming into September. I’m a serious Ravens fan, but I get the scheduling issue. I do believe the Ravens get little respect, from the nfl and national media and that is uncalled for. The Ravens are a class organization and are constantly in the playoffs. They deserve their day in the sun and thereshould be a way to make that happen (by being creative and flexible to bs traditional Thursday night game). Orioles and many other teams are playing on Wednesday night (Rosh Hashanah), so why, all of a sudden, is it such a big deal for the inaugural night of the 2013 nfl season? Give the Ravens, and their fans, their just due…

  12. Ravenwoman on said:

    This decision is all about NBC and the difference in ratings between Wednesday night and Thursday night. Nothing more. I am not going to blame “religion” or “religious holidays” on this one, except to say that the Commissioner lied and used the Jewish holiday as an acceptable excuse. Read Drew Forester’s article on the WNST website (after you read everything on this website) and you will see that is the real issue. Ratings and money are everything to the NFL, NBC and sponsors. By the way, the NFL doesn’t give a hoot about religion. Baltimore fans have had to alter their “religious” holidays by attending games on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, etc., etc.

    One last point. I am not interested in any Downtown Party to celebrate the Ravens playing on the road. That is nothing but a crumb thrown our way. Besides, if the Oriole game is playing and downtown parking and crowds are the issue, than why would you throw a party the same time the Orioles are playing? Stupid!!

  13. Ravcolt on said:

    This is the least concerning aspect of the Goodell regime. The quality of the on-the-field product (game, not players) has deteriorated due to incessant rule changes that no person on earth could interpret, game stoppages due to commercials, reply after red flag after replay, players that are flagged for hitting hard, Thursday Night Football (the dumbest idea ever), a Sunday Night schedule that changes whenever a network feels like it, and teams being forced to play home games in Europe. It’s almost like a bad B movie. I for one am not going to lose any sleep over a league I don’t respect in the first place. Who cares what Goodell thinks? Until the owners wake up and see their game has become a caricature (and nothing leasts forever folks) it’s going to get worse. What people think about the Ravens is irrelevant to me. Just tell me when the game is and I’ll be watching, or attempting to.

  14. Bruce Munyan on said:

    The NFL and Roger Goodell never wanted Baltimore to get another team after the Colts were stolen away in the middle of the night in 1984, and they screw Baltimore and the Ravens every chance they get, Roger Goodell has openly shown his dislike for Baltimore and Art Modell since Modell brought the Ravens to Baltimore, just look at the fact that he has prevented Art Modell from being placed into the Hall of Fame, this latest slight of Baltimore and the Ravens could have been easily fixed, but Goodell will have none of that, The owners should rectify this but won’t because Goodell is their boy and they do not want to make him angry, Roger Goodell is a piece of garbage who has ruined the game of football since he has taken over as commissioner !! What do the Ravens and the city of Baltimore need to do to be respected by the NFL and its commissoner ?

  15. Debbie Fore on said:

    Great writing Tony! NFLis screwing Baltimore again. No big surprise there. Hope our guys use this “fuel” to fire them up .

  16. Laura S on said:

    Why can’t the Ravens play on Sunday night? What’s the difference between a Thursday night game and a Sunday night game, except for the “honor” of opening the season? At least the fans would get their home game and the NFL can’t say they’re losing a dime.

  17. DPM on said:

    Here’s my problem with fanboy taking to the blogosphere: You fail to realize that the problem was in your hometown, and it wasn’t the Ravens, politicians or your ever-increasing criminal activity. No, it’s the other black birds of BWI pro sports: those irrelevant Baltimore Orioles. The “O’s” could have easily moved this game to 1pm, maybe even noon. Go ask them why didn’t.

    Fanboy’s offended by the thought coverage swirling around this game would focus on Peyton. Um, it would be Peyton-centric even if the game was in your backyard, booger boy. Nice try.

    This decision was less about NFL “greed” as much as it was the “O’s” envy of the champion Ravens. Pissing and moaning on a fanboy site is not the way to handle this… It just makes you sound petulant.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Nice try DPM. Please do us all a favor and go from anonymity to stealth. I’m sure you’d look a lot better and clearly a lot smarter.

      • DPM on said:

        That’s all you’ve got, fanboy? Stop being a stooge for your city and start gaining some perspective… this is not the NFL’s problem. It’s your terrible baseball team’s fault this came to fruition. Get your head out of your ass, and stop whining. It’s unbecoming of a championship fan base.

        And if you have a problem with Goodell and the league, stop buying the merch/ tix/NFL Sunday Ticket/etc. It’s that simple. Hit them in the wallet…

        Have a nice weekend!

      • Brian on said:

        This so called tradition didnt start until 2004. The game will not be played on Rosh Hashanah. Do some research, look at the history of the NfL playing on religious holidays. Just go back to last Christmas Eve, the NFL pulled games for that day. When Christmas has been on Sunday they have moved the gmes to Saturday. With the exception of keeping the Sunday night game in which they were contractually obligated with NBC. And yes we have played on Rosh Hashanah before. Reason being early in the season the NFL can not move games to Saturday to interfere with college football. And of course the NFL will do what’s best for its pockets. What business doesn’t. And no we can’t play Sunday at 1 because the Os play. We could have opened Sunday night but Harrbaugh was adamant about playing on Thutsday. As Bisciotti mentioned lets get the chip off our shoulder Baltimore. We did win the Super Bowl. Embrace.

  18. Karen on said:

    I remember going to a game on Christmas . . . sooooo . . . . whats the problem with playing on a Jewish holiday?????? This is nonsense.

  19. kunadias on said:

    DAMN RIGHT TONY!……& our 1st home game i want to hear a LOUD “F*ck you roger” chant lets make it happen,if any fan base were to do make it happen its ours, this is all that little bitch roger’s fault….tony write a damn article about how all of baltimore should let roger hear it from ALL of M&T BANK !

  20. TDTOM on said:

    Too simple: present your O’s ticket or Ravens ticket to the light rail or shuttle buses parked at different lots around the city and get free transportation plus a Tee-shirt with the O’s and Raven’s color, emblem on it celebrating opening day or just ‘Baltimore, the city of Champions” O’s haven’t won in a while but they were champs at one time. That would of probably taken the traffic to the level of a normal Raven’s game. Then start the celebrating at M&T around 2:00 with hospitality tents with pit beef, hot dogs, beer, soda,etc..a coupon for a free dog or soda if you take the public transportation and giveaways to fans that used the light rail. NFL could of supplied the music and some of the stuff they set -up for fan zones. If they plan on having the olympics here in a few years they would encounter the same kind of traffic except people might actually be going into Camden yards for something that day other than seeing the White Soxs. It would of been a great PR day for the O’s , the Ravens, city of Baltimore and good stories for the network and press, plus the aerial shots of Camden Yards with a ball game and M&T from the air would of been beautiful. Everybody could of had a win-win, but unfortunately nobody has any forward thinking and just a child’s mentality when it comes to working things out. What’s mine is mine and you can KMA.

  21. TDTOM on said:

    Another thing : if the game can not be played on Rosh Hashanah, all the Jewish players on the Ravens and whomever can take the day off without losing pay. Fair enough ?

  22. Matt on said:

    Tony you made a lot of good points but giving up the thursday night game (even if it is away) to have a home game on sunday would be a horrible move. Why would you want our team to willingly give up 3 extra days of rest before game 2? The same game 2 we have lost three years running.

    There is no reason we cannot play at home on thursday night but playing away on thursday and then home the next weekend is much better for the team than a sunday home game.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:


      I don’t think that rest is as import that early in the season. And you know that if it’s going to be a road game it’s going to be against the Broncos or perhaps even worse, The Steelers. Although that said (and it won’t happen) what if they had a Ravens celebration in front of the Steelers’ fans?

  23. jane cruz on said:

    This is not right…..fix it the way it should be….ravens have won the right for opening game the right thing

  24. Kevin in Warrenton VA on said:

    I dislike Roger Goodell as much as you, but I dissagree here. The O’s play every day with the exception of 2 days in September. There is really no day that would not conflict here for the O’s. Secondly the O’s are playing the White sox, a historically low attendance series.
    I call on all of Baltimore to boycott the September 4th Orioles game irregardless if the Ravens are playing there or not. The Ravens are World Champions. This a chance (again I know) for Baltimore to celebrate. the same Baltimore that will celebrate the O’s. The same Baltimore that will fill the O’s stadium on september 4 if they simply move their game to the afternoon (because as manny Raven fans as can fit will also attend the O’s game).
    This is an opportunity for the O’s to sell-out the stadiium for a non-division game.

  25. Silver Raven on said:

    Like it or not, the NFL is a business and the league makes more money by having the game on Thursday. But Angelos’ refusal to move the O’s game to noon or to have a day-night double header on Saturday flys in the face of business, since many more people would be at the O’s game or watching on TV. No one will be there or watching when the game is against the Ravens game. So, his decision must be one of total stubborness, arrogance, etc., and overall one where he could care less what is best for his supposed hometown. And why after 54 years I am now no longer an O’s fan.

  26. OriAl on said:

    THE DECISION TO NOT MOVE THE GAME WAS NOT ONLY ON THE ORIOLES! Get it through your heads, people – the White Sox didn’t want to move it to 1:00, or to a doubleheader (they expect to be in a pennant race in September, as do the Orioles.) The Orioles offered to move it to 4:05 to create a sports doubleheader.

    From the Ravens’ statement:

    “The Ravens greatly appreciate the willingness of the Orioles to adjust the start of their game in an effort to make this sports spectacular happen,” Ravens presdient Dick Cass said. “But, in the end, anticipated problems with parking, rush-hour traffic, plus crowd and car congestion around Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium, will keep the doubleheader from taking place.”

  27. Ravcolt on said:

    It’s a new year, with new players (in fact a lot of ‘em). Forget last year. We had our celebration, and perhaps the greatest showing of fanship ever seen. Let the NFL do what they will and we’ll go out and whip some more butt. I think its kinda cool that Baltimore is the one city the NFL treats differently. It gives us a type of warped identity. We’re used to it. Just look at our heritage. Wear it with a badge of honor. And laugh at the Goodell’s of the world.

  28. charlie on said:

    all is about the television/cable money on thurs as apposed to wed. this is NOT about anyone’s religious beliefs. i saw through that puppet goodell, as many did, from the beginning-he will go down as the worst commish to run the nfl ever but let’s not forget what’s really going on in the world of prof football. the cap has SOMEHOW(must not be making any money these days) become stagnate this year and next, the players are taking HUGE cuts in their salaries and a majority of the owners just agreed on the helmet rule. anyone who thinks that rog is some kind of rogue manager running around without the blessing of the owners need only to look at the $20 million-that’s right $20 MILLION-bonus the bosses just bestowed on prince roger.

  29. Brian on said:

    Way off base here Tony. This so called tradition only started in 2004. Rosh Hashana is out. The NFL goes out of its way to not schedule games during major religious holidays if it can help it. Just check the history. Last year was a perfect example. There was no Monday night game on Christmas Eve. Google is your friend. Do some research. In response to the NFL only caring about making money, I’m pretty sure you don’t do this website for free. We can’t play on Sunday at 1because the Orioles already have a game. The Ravens could have played on Sunday night but they declined that opportunity. Harbaugh was adamant about his preference for Thursday. He wants the second bye. There should have been some type of resolution. It would have been great for the city to to have BOTH games on Thursday. That would have been one of the greatest days in Baltimore sports history. this was a game of chicken between the NFL and MLB and the NFL los

    • Sean on said:

      I am glad that someone is mentioning the fact that the Ravens could have had a Sunday night game. That could have been one great of celebration in Baltimore. The Ravens declined that; they would rather get a few extra days off that give the fans their celebration. Look, the Ravens are a well run organization, but like all other professional sports teams, they don’t care squat about you as a fan. If they did, guys like the Biscuit and Byrnes would be making a big deal about this. Don’t ever confuse a great organization with one that cares about the fans.

    • Sean on said:

      I am glad that someone is mentioning the fact that the Ravens could have had a Sunday night game. That could have been one great day of celebration in Baltimore. The Ravens declined that; they would rather get a few extra days off than give the fans their celebration. Look, the Ravens are a well run organization, but like all other professional sports teams, they don’t care squat about you as a fan. If they did, guys like the Biscuit and Byrnes would be making a big deal about this. Don’t ever confuse a great organization with one that cares about the fans.

  30. Darb on said:

    Right on Tony.

    Everybody needs to e-mail the commissioner and tell him what they think about this. It’s bullcrap on the NFL should be ashamed.

  31. Iran on said:

    This so called tradition didnt start until 2004. The game will not be played on Rosh Hashanah. Do some research, look at the history of the NfL playing on religious holidays. Just go back to last Christmas Eve, the NFL pulled games for that day. When Christmas has been on Sunday they have moved the gmes to Saturday. With the exception of keeping the Sunday night game in which they were contractually obligated with NBC. And yes we have played on Rosh Hashanah before. Reason being early in the season the NFL can not move games to Saturday to interfere with college football. And of course the NFL will do what’s best for its pockets. What business doesn’t. And no we can’t play Sunday at 1 because the Os play. We could have opened Sunday night but Harrbaugh was adamant about playing on Thutsday. As Bisciotti mentioned lets get the chip off our shoulder Baltimore. We did win the Super Bowl. Embrace.

  32. Pissed Fan on said:

    Greed on both sides NFL and MLB. Your right. It’s all about the money in their pockets. The only part of the fans, either side cares about, is their wallets.

  33. Sean on said:

    Tony – I am glad that you mentioned the Ravens could have had a Sunday game, but apparently turned it down. I don’t think enough has been made of that. That one is on Harbaugh and the Biscuit. Why have we not heard them scream about this? Simple, it is not important to them. They would rather have a few extra days off than give Ravens fans a day of celebration. The Ravens are a very well run organization, but they are far less fan friendly than when the Modell’s owned the team. Don’t forget, it was the Biscuit & Harbaugh who closed training camp to the public. The fans are just a revenue stream to them. Nothing more.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      You are right, it’s not the “Raven Way” to “bitch and complain” publicly. You’re naive if you think they didn’t do so privately. So I took it upon myself to do it publicly for them. Kind of defeats the purpose to “bitch and complain” in private if your are a columnist, don’t you think?

  34. Simon on said:

    A columnist basis his thoughts on facts. He does the proper research, and cross checks for accuracy. There are far too many holes in your piece. He doesn’t just rant on hyperbole. He doesn’t scream fire in the back of a movie theater.

      • Simon on said:

        “You are a freaking phony and please, don’t hand me this Rosh Hashanah BS. Not to disrespect the Jewish Community but games have been played on Rosh Hashanah before and they will be played again during this Holiday particularly if it means more profit for the league.” You know this for a fact because you were in the meeting? As a business owner its ok with you to eliminate a section of your fan base for ONE game. Yes games have been played on Rosh Hashanah, with the emphasis on “games”. The NFL doesn’t have the option of moving an entire slate of games to a Saturday early during the college season. There haven’t been any Thursday games on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Do your homework!!!

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