Ed Reed must stay a Raven


Much was made earlier this week about free agent safety Ed Reed possibly signing with New England Patriots, and while he is in the twilight of his career, he is still among the top-five safeties in the NFL. Reed currently does not have an agent, so talks are still at a standstill. But don’t let his play over the last two years in terms of interceptions fool you.

On NFL AM on Monday, Ed Reed indicated that he would like play two or three more years. If that is the case, the Ravens should be able to make it work.

Though he recorded just one interception during the postseason, he has been a staple in the secondary, playing arguably the best football of his career. According to NFL.com, the Baltimore Ravens defense did not allow a pass of over 40 yards this past postseason — going up against the likes of Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. He still has it folks.

When people look at Reed nowadays, they seem to think he’s not the same player he once was in terms of injuries and the ability to make tackles. But the fact of the matter is, Reed has never been a combine guy, and he has never been the fastest, biggest or hardest hitter. But what he has been is the smartest.

Not many players in the history of the league can say they would be able to bait Peyton Manning. Reed can.

Not many players in the history of the league can say Tom Brady has their name on this wristband. Reed can.

While Reed is entering the December of his career, make no mistake that his December is better than others’ January.

The Ravens have made the claim over the years that they are not in the window making business. The window is always open. With Ed Reed still lurking in the defensive backfield, the window would be open for sure.  Building and looking for another safety in the draft is something the Ravens can do, but it will not equal Reed.

You still have Hall of Fame quarterbacks saying beware of Reed. And anytime you have that, what more can you say?

7 Raves on “Ed Reed must stay a Raven

  1. Bob Steele on said:

    Losing him would likely be a “double-whammy”. Not only would we lose his services, but it is likely a direct competitor would get them. I include Denver in the group of teams, along with the Pats, that would love to have him.

    In losing Ray, we lose a huge amount of defensive “intellectual capital”. Reed runs the secondary and to lose that institutional wisdom at the same time – while giving an opponent insight into how we think and play defensively would be damaging.

    And not only that – I just can’t bear to think of our #20 wearing anything but Ravens Purple.

    • Greg on said:

      the point about intellectual capital is spot on; ive said the same thing in so many words. You see these behind the bench videos on the ravens’ website and you SEE Ray Lewis making real in-game adjustments that affect the game outcome and calls. Reed does it too and he is as much a leader for the team as Ray is/was. I agree reed does have to stay. THe good thing is, it would be hard for Reed to really convince anyone to pay above $8M for him. I think we can reasonably keep him for his current price, even if that is in truth overpaying a little bit its worth it for his intellectual capital. Those in-game adjustments are a big deal and a big reason why we beat Denver.

  2. Josh on said:

    I think he would just look stupid in another uniform (see Emmitt Smith in Cardinals red). Ed needs to get an agent first before he and the front office get down to business, but, yes, he MUST remain a Raven.

  3. HollywoodHeiz on said:

    ….worst nightmare Thursday night opener Sept 5 at home. Number 20 for Patriots has a pick six against the highest paid player in the NFL to seal the game. As the fans yell REEEED !!! Pay the man!

  4. Jerry B on said:

    As much as I’d like to see him finish his career in Baltimore, this really is a matter of how much he’s willing to compromise because my guess is he’s worth more on the open market than he is here and, apparently, we just don’t have enough “cap” room to compete in a “bidding war”…..

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