Ed Reed signs with Houston Texans


Another one has flown the coop.

Ed Reed has joined Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Anquan Boldin, and Bernard Pollard as members of the 2012 Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl champions who will be playing elsewhere in 2013, signing a two-year deal with the Houston Texans according to multiple reports, including Jason La Canfora of CBS.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece begging Ed to retire.

Instead, he’ll be continuing his career, not as a Baltimore Raven, but as a Houston Texan.

From a football perspective, one can absolutely make the argument that this isn’t a loss for the Ravens, and I would have a hard time disputing it, especially at the rumored $4 million per year that Ed is getting in Houston.

But it’s about more than football with Ed. I wanted him to join Jon Ogden and Ray Lewis as Ravens for life. Unfortunately, that wasn’t in the cards.

Best of luck in Houston, Ed. Unlike pretty much any other player to ever leave the Ravens for another team, I’ll be rooting for you.

If you need me, I’ll be staring out my window as raindrops stream down it, clutching my collection of #20 jerseys.

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18 Raves on “Ed Reed signs with Houston Texans

  1. MsEm on said:

    First, that pick of the dog and the comment is awesome. Second, is it a coincidence that he made this happen on the 20th? Probably… (*sniffle*).

    • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

      I have a white 20, a purple 20, and a black 5. Wear whatever color the team is wearing. So I’m wearing 20 in all but 1-2 games/year. Right there with you.

  2. ELKRIDGE FAN on said:

    This still isn’t a done deal .. the CBS guy said he heard it was a 3 year deal, so this article can’t even get the rumor right… and “According to CBS’s La Canfora, Reed’s financial advisor, Brad Davis, says a deal is in place, “though some minor contractual language issues need to be ironed out.” La Canfora adds that Reed, who earned $7.2 million in base salary from the Ravens last season and was reportedly looking for similar dollars in free agency, could receive a contract that averages $6 million per season.” So this ain’t signed YET! Ravens COULD Counter!

  3. seatraveller on said:

    The leaders of the mutiny are all gone. It is now safe for our coach. In so doing they ripped the heart out of the team. These strong willed members of the team who willed us to victory are no more. We will suffer as a team, but our coach is safe.

  4. bob on said:

    Doesn’t matter, the NFL PUFF Football league is finished as we know it. Might as well say RIP for the NFL with this stupid helmet rule, and this is just the beginning. In 20 years you won’t have NFL.

  5. George on said:

    Derek Arnold. It is not confirmed. Twitter is not a source. if you looked at all tweets Reed also stated it is not confirmed and unless something else happens it could be true. Even The Texans site is confussed. That does not sound like confirmed to me. Problem with Journalist today. You confirm mothing. you see a tweet and everyone runs with a story.
    Ed Reed very well may sign with the Texans. However the current tweets are nothing more then a ploy by Ed Reed to get the Ravens to step up. That is all those tweets are. If a deal is not done why announce it? Why say it is not confirmed and could be unless something else happens?
    Do not say something is confirmed when it is not. Until Reed signs on the dotted line he is not a Texan. Right now all we have is Reed telling the Ravens to make a move or lose me……

    • Odenton Mike on said:

      Agree – Ed Reed will easily be replaced and we’ll be a better team for it. Sentimentally, it is sad but is what it is.
      Go Ravens!

  6. Hut Guy on said:

    Let us not forget that in 2001 we tried to reload with players from the Super Bowl winner and although we made it passed the Dolphins in round one of the playoffs….it ended up money not well invested in a future…I can still remember sitting in M&T the first preseason game of 2002 cheering for “Who Dat?”. Ossie and the Ravens have been astute. Canty and Spears are upgrades. I think Ravens fans may be totally surprised at how much better our defense will be in 2013…Webb back, better run defense, Suggs healthy and younger faster athletes on the field. We will be fine .

  7. Bruce_Almty on said:

    Take the money and run Ed, I sure don’t blame you. The Ravens have wheel-barrows of money for some players who need to feel respected but they can’t afford a million to let you retire a Raven. Best of everything in the future and thank you for your years of remarkable play in Baltimore.

  8. Groucho on said:

    ED G(REED)Y has left Baltimore for Greed! $$$ Money..That’s an NFL player thank you to the fans! He could have taken was was GOOD for the TEAM! TOTAL GREED… Good Riddance

  9. Ravenwoman on said:

    I don’t really think the Ravens wanted him back, otherwise they wouldn’t have let him go. It has not been reported what the Ravens’ offer or counteroffer was, so I am thinking that it was so low, that it was insulting. They would have brought him back for the veteran minimum, which isn’t that low when you have 11 years in the league. They might have said to Reed, “You better take the Houston offer, because we can’t match. We can’t fit it under the cap.”

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