Ed Reed…There Will NEVER be Another Like Him

Reed The City that Reeds


A town defined by its quirkiness, neighborhoods and its ethnicity.

We are blue collar and hard working and we admire an overachiever, those lunch pale guys who just seem to get the most out of their talents. Players like Donovan, Siragusa and Gregg come to mind.

We are underdogs and we like it that way. We are mutts – kind and loyal, even if HBO’s The Wire doesn’t portray us quite that way.

We love our teams and our players, particularly those who have played their entire careers in Baltimore.

Up until yesterday, Ed Reed was one of those players.

Some fans loyal to Reed the player will take the All-World safety’s decision as a slap in the face. They’ll turn their backs on him and take Reed’s choice personally.

Some will say it’s all about money and they’ll label him “Ed GREEDY”.

Still others will say thank you, wish Reed well until he visits M&T Bank Stadium next season when the Texans come to town.

Ed Reed – a Houston Texan.

That flows about as well as baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Subaru.

And just wait until you see Ed in the Texans’ colors. It will be akin to seeing Johnny Unitas in those powder blues of the San Diego Chargers. It will be ugly and it will hurt.

That said it is understandable. It’s the nature of the salary cap beast.

From my vantage point, the Ravens’ brass seemed content watching Reed play the market, with hopes that it would end just like Ray Lewis’ shopping spree ended 4 years ago. Perhaps they believed that they could come in under the Texans’ offer and it would all work out.

Surely Reed wouldn’t leave behind a legacy and not complete his time in the NFL as a career-long Raven, would he?

We now know the answer.

If the Ravens were genuinely interested in retaining Reed, they would have done so and not played bargaining roulette with him. But they did and here we sit as defending Super Bowl Champions now missing 7 defensive starters, two of which are certain Hall of Famers.

Some have suggested that Reed could be the team’s defensive leader now that Ray Lewis has retired. Don’t be so sure.

Reed is a great guy but at times moody and unpredictable. Mix in a return at a price that he believes is drastically substandard and what is left is hardly a recipe for a happy player and a solid leader particularly if the season takes a dip at some point.

When a leader is needed most, might Reed have pulled out that Cybil routine we’ve seen often here in Baltimore?

I recall vividly Reed shouting just before the start of practice one day during Training Camp last summer.

“I hate my job, but I love football.”

Interesting words that no doubt tell a story – one that isn’t necessarily good.

At this point, it’s all water under the bridge and we’ll never know for sure if Ed could have become the Ravens new general.

And perhaps that’s best.

We can remember Ed for all that he did; for the Sundays he made that much better; for the plays that electrified us all; for putting danger in the word “safety”.

And, for all those Sundays, when the sounds of REEEEEEEEEEEED were deafening at M&T Bank Stadium.

There will never be another Raven like Ed Reed.

All the best to you Ed, and thanks for these memories.

(Special thanks to John Mann for the awesome image)

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24 Raves on “Ed Reed…There Will NEVER be Another Like Him

  1. JerryB on said:

    This one definitely stings, Tony! Would have loved to see him finish his career here. And, like the days of Heeeeeeeeep, we will certainly miss the chant of Reeeeeeed! But, such is life in the NFL these days and, while I never like to make comparisons to the Indianapolis franchise, I can only imagine how those fans felt with the loss of Manning….right up until the emergence of Andrew Luck! Let’s hope the same thing happens here with the loss of Reed, who I wish nothing but the best ……right up until the Texans play the Ravens!

  2. Kimberly on said:

    Am I the only one concerned that we have retired/lost/traded so many of our valued players? It will be a team I do not recognize this season. I will miss Ed Reed…. I guess I don’t like change. No Ray Lewis, no Ed Reed, no Anquan Boldin! It’s the end of an Era that I don’t want to end. I’m truly saddened.

    • Brandee on said:

      No Kimberly, its not just you- I’m so pi$$ed at the way the organization is playing out this team…..Jo Flacco is too iffy in consistency for me to think he was worth what they’re paying…..I’d have rather lost him and kept our other players than vice versa….let him have gone out and tried to make that same deal somewhere else- see how ELITE his worth would have been if he had to shop around, he never would have brought in that same contract- now what happens if he’s injured or crashes and burns this season?

      • Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

        Joe’s contract had nothing to do with so many players leaving. It’s ridiculous to say that you’d have let the Super Bowl MVP QB go, and keep other old, declining or overpaid players (I assume you mean Boldin, Reed, Kruger, Ellerbe?) I love those guys too, but the QB is the MOST IMPORTANT POSITION ON THE FIELD. You can’t win without it. You would have us go back to the Kyle Boller/Chris Redman/Jeff Blake years?

        Look around the league. See the teams that don’t have franchise QBs – they’re the ones struggling year in and year out.

        Also, you’re 100% wrong that Joe wouldn’t have gotten paid that much elsewhere. Look what Tony Romo just got paid – talk about an inconsistent, choke artist of a player. Other teams would have paid Joe MORE than we did, and we’d be left at the QB drawing board.

    • jim on said:

      guess what drew brees was just as iffy in consistency till he left the chargers and got away from cam cameron the giants game and the playoffs is how oe will be now that cam is gone and he can have more say in the offense and we lost 7 players not the whole team

  3. Derek ArnoldDerek Arnold on said:

    Always my favorite. That will never change. Hate the terrible things people are saying about him now – the same ones who blamed the front office for not overpaying Kruger and Ellerbe are now mad at Ed for leaving instead of Ozzie for letting him go. Makes sense….

    I’m glad we didn’t give him $4M. I still hope he decides in July to just retire.

    Even if he doesn’t, I won’t even bother updating my jersey collection. I’ll still wear #20 proudly. Ed is OUR Hall of Famer. A year or two in Houston won’t change that.

    • jimmy q on said:

      that is completely true Derek. I cannot believe how vicious people are being. He was a great Raven, and he will be missed by most of us that actually care about this team. I can’t wait to see him back here in the ring of honor, where he belongs. Best of luck Ed, God bless.

  4. Ashton VSG on said:

    I am 52 years old. I never thought there would ever be player that meant as much to me as Johnny Unitas did to me when I was a kid. I was far too old for that kind of nonsense. That is, until Ed Reed came to Baltimore. It will take me a long time to get over his depature and yes, I will cheer for him when he plays in the Vault this season as a Texan.

  5. Rumor Ray on said:

    Ed Reed will always be a Raven. Even when he finishes playing for the Texans he will be a Raven when he goes to the HOF. He will be missed, however we should not forget that we have to field a stronger team when we can. Our D was not what we were used to in Baltimore and it was not that long ago that fans were saying Reed needs to retire. He was missing tackles, getting penalties and not the hard hitting #20 we had learned to love. We would go crazy when he picked off pass with his ball hawk skills and then worry he would turn the ball over with his wild runs and laterals.

    Yes it hurts to know he is not playing for Baltimore next season, however we did have the Greatest Safety Ever play for the Ravens! And I BOHlieve that he will not be the same player in Texas.

  6. Ravenwoman on said:

    I would have liked to see Ed Reed retire with Ray Lewis and Matt Birk. Then he could say his very last game as a Raven and as a football player resulted in a Super Bowl win. Now, he may not get that opportunity. I wish him well with the Texans as I do believe he will be more of an asset to them than to us. He is going to a veteran team that needs one or two pieces to put them over the top. The Ravens are in rebuilding mode.

    Players cannot play forever. When it rains, it pours. Our defense will almost be brand new. The future business model of the Baltimore Ravens has been revealed. We build around the franchise QB. Everyone else will become the 80/20 rule with 80% production for 20% of the price. I look for many new faces over the next 2 years as the Ravens transition into the new business model. We no longer can afford to have 8 or more high paid defensive players. There always will be a few. But the number of CORE Ravens will decrease because of the salary cap and the funding of a franchise QB.

  7. Bruce_Almty on said:

    I’m happy to see Ed and Ray leave Baltimore together. For a decade, they were the heart and soul of the Raven defense. They are leaving Baltimore on top of the world as Super Bowl champions. Thank you both for the memories you made and the glory you brought.
    We fans will miss you both.
    Thank you and God bless.

  8. Mill on said:

    I won’t disrespect him by calling him names or anything like that. But I will say that Ed Reed is officially retired to me. I don’t care what happens to the guy going to the Texans. I won’t hate him but I am not going to be happy for him either. He’s just another guy now.

  9. Jerry M on said:

    Thank You Ed, For what you have done over the past 11yrs we all appreciate it. But now you are the enemy and Joe Flacco will handle his business even if you on the other side. Anyway I’ll always have the memory of you in that Blk & purple.

    • jimmy q on said:

      you do understand that we offered him nowhere near the amount of money that houston did, right? Rumor is that we didnt even make him an offer. I do not see that it was just about the money. He has every right to do what’s best for him. Thank you for all the memories Ed, most of us appreciate your hall of fame career.

    • FATTS on said:

      Come on Mark, he is looking out for him and his family. I am glad he got his final big payday bc the Ravens wasn’t offering what he wanted. Matter fact the Ravens didn’t offer him nothing so it’s a win win for both sides. Watch Ed get that signing bonus and retire next year

  10. Rick S on said:

    Sure are a lot of teams who want to pay big money for Ravens’ players. They can buy some of our players, but those teams will never be the Ravens.

  11. J on said:

    Ed reed is my favorite raven of all time but him leaving was the best thing for our team. Do we not remember him holding out playing to get a million dollars just a few years ago. Or the fact that he spoke out against joe in his first 4 seasons. And he also talked crap about Ozzie this year and said he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Ozzie does know exactly what he’s doing and it was joe and the offense that won us a Super Bowl. The old Ed will be missed but not the one of a few years past.

  12. Keith on said:

    Through all the bulls**t, the articles, the mutiny…Ed Reed is one of the greatest Ravens there will ever be. Its a real shame to see him go. The business side of the league is what it is and there will always be an unintelligent steelers fan to try and convince people that Reed and even this organization is crap but nobody will ever take away what we’ve experienced since this organization started. Here’s to Ed Reed, the Baltimore Ravens, and to the best fans in football. Oooooooh oh oh oh oooooh oh!!

  13. DC on said:

    Ed Reed had his chance to step up as the defense leader last year when Ray and Suggs were both injured. Never once did you see him scoping the sidelines to inspire and pump up the team. Yes I am devastated that he left, but I don’t think he has 3 years of play left, nor will he replace Ray as the defense leader and team motivator – that will be Sizzle, just in a different way.

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