FAN’S CHOICE: Baltimore Ravens All-Time Team, Linebacker

Ray What would you give for today

Today we wind down our 53-man roster selection and it only seems fitting that the final position to choose would be that of linebacker.

For many years it seemed as though the Ravens churned out quality linebackers the way the Atlanta Braves used to groom pitchers. But times have changed and so have the demands on the position particularly in today’s pass happy NFL.

Yesterday you voted on the position of offensive tackle and you still can by clicking VOTE HERE. For the moment our four tackles look to be:

  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Orlando Brown
  • Michael Oher
  • Harry Swayne


Admittedly that is not a particularly impressive collection of tackles outside of the Ravens first Hall of Famer, JO. Brown was an above average bruiser as a right tackle who happened to tip plays based upon his pre-snap set. Oher, a player who is in his prime, may only be a backup in Tennessee this season after signing with the Titans as a free agent.

Swayne played with the Ravens for just two seasons (1999-2000) and while in Baltimore was merely average.

But linebacker is a different story and the group is headed up by none other than the G.O.A.T. – Ray Lewis who will be the Ravens second first-ballot inductee in Canton, OH.

To complete our 53-man squad we’ll need 9 linebackers and ask you to choose from the list below. On Thursday we will publish our final 53 as selected by you along with an 8-man practice squad.

Which 9 linebackers should be part of the Ravens All-Time 53-man squad? (choose 9)
Total voters: 585
Ray Lewis (12%)
Peter Boulware (11%)
Jamie Sharper (10%)
Ed Hartwell (5%)
Bart Scott (11%)
Terrell Suggs (12%)
Adalius Thomas (10%)
Jameel McClain (4%)
Dannell Ellerbe (6%)
Courtney Upshaw (3%)
Elvis Dumervil (7%)
Daryl Smith (9%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.
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19 Raves on “FAN’S CHOICE: Baltimore Ravens All-Time Team, Linebacker

  1. Cheri on said:

    Gee I was really torn whether to put Ray Ray and TSizzle on there. :)
    Anyway, Tony listed twelve LB’s the three I did not vote for was Ellerbe, McClain and Upshaw. Smith and Dooms I am giving the benefit of the doubt to. Something tell me if Tony does this again in two years we will be putting Mosley on there and hopefully Arthur B. will be worthy as well.

    • John P on said:

      All Ellerbe did was chase down Frank Gore with a bad ankle and save SB47.

      That play alone puts him in my list (not to mention he was otherwise pretty damned good anyway).

  2. JarrettJohnson on said:

    Johnson SHOULD NOT have been listed as a DL as he didn’t start there or make much of an impact. If you use that same logic you could have put Thomas at DL.

    • cheri on said:

      On this team JJ and AD would make perfect hybrid LB/DL. For a team that’s only been around since 1996 it’s shaping up to be pretty darn good team. Yea maybe it wouldn’t beat all time teams like the Steelers, 49ers or Cowboys who are loaded with great players and hall of famers but it could hold it’s own with most all time teams.

  3. Rob on said:

    Tony, I’m really trying to like your writing but you make it hard when you say choose 9 linebackers out of 12. Let me see, deduct the the three that played more than two years…that makes nine. Stupid. And where is Johnson on that list.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Don’t try so hard Rob.

      “Deduct the three that played more than two years”?

      Maybe you studied some Algebra that I didn’t.

      As for JJ, he’s on the D-Line list.

      • Rob on said:

        At the end of a long day yesterday, words don’t come out exactly as intended. Instead maybe own up for once when something really doesn’t make sense, like your poll. Fact remains Dumervil, Upshaw, and Smith haven’t been on the team for more than 2 years. How could they ever be included in an all time linebacker segment for the Ravens. I don’t care how you nancy dance journalist, friendly smug, beat up the commenter, while still being professional look at it…they don’t. Then how much thought does it take to select the other 9?

        • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

          What would you suggest Rob? What linebackers deserve to be nominated that aren’t? Should we have just skipped the poll and put the 9 in? The voting is pretty close for the last few spots so that suggests that others might not agree with you.

          Nancy Dance…pretty funny although I’ve never met her.

  4. mike Heath on said:

    Upshaw underrated big hit in the super bowl forced fumble he a national champion and a super bowl champion with alot of good football in his tank .

  5. mike Heath on said:

    JJ was on DL but could step back and play Linebacker rex ryan made a mistake bart scott was a very good football player but Johnson was a better player .Johnson was a DE /LB back mostly DE if that makes since lol

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