Fans Point Finger of Blame at Cops in Smith Arrest

Jimmy Smith Arrested

Whether it be on our Facebook page, message board or in the comments section of our blogs on the topic of Jimmy Smith, the most vocal fans have come to the defense of the Ravens’ promising cornerback after his arrest on Saturday night at The Greene Turtle in Towson.

Relatively speaking the crime isn’t a big deal.

No one was seriously injured and hopefully there were some lessons learned. Although it is at least slightly curious why Smith was allegedly with a coked up girl then flew out of town the next morning for the birth of his son by another woman.

But for those of you who are beating up on the police officers called to the scene and making them out to be the perpetrators, really?

Suppose they don’t respond to the call or the call isn’t made by the bar’s GM as detailed in this police report?

To borrow from Jimmy Smith, “What the f— are you gonna do?”

Might the girl have OD’d? Might she have suffered permanent damage?

The blatant disrespect for the law enforcement officials who risk their lives to protect and serve by far too many fans is nauseating.

Many believe that the athletes who are publicly humiliated in the media for their transgressions are in the minority and that most are good, upstanding God-fearing men. Count me among them. We just happen to hear more about the bad apples.

The same is true in the law enforcement business.

You might hear of those who stray from decency and go Denzel Washington because that’s more newsworthy in this TMZ world. Those who honor the shield are more noteworthy and believe it or not they represent the overwhelming silent majority.

Let’s not defend Jimmy Smith’s momentary lapse of reasoning with hypothetical rogue behavior from cops with an alleged agenda.

Let’s just admit that Smith was wrong, hope he was taught a lesson and move on.

Blaming the cops only feeds the sense of entitlement that some athletes possess.

Time will tell if Smith is one.

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35 Raves on “Fans Point Finger of Blame at Cops in Smith Arrest

  1. Mark on said:

    There are certainly some cops who might get an ego boost from arresting a Raven but my guess is most cops are big Ravens fans and wouldn’t make a big deal of nothing. If the report is accurate (and there is no way to tell whether it is), Smith acted like a wise ass, cursed the cops and challenged them to do something. He was also asked 3 times to leave the wormen’s bathroom before he was arrested. My guess is the average citiizen who cursed the cops, asked them “what the F are you going to do about it?” would not be given 3 opportunities to leave before being arrested. All that being said, what Smith did was not that bad, although being in the company of somebody in possession of coke is dangerous to continuing an NFL career. It was over the top stupid and ego driven.

  2. Brian Tray on said:

    It must be really hard for Ozzzie and Harbs to believe this kind of stupidity from seemingly intelligent people. The situation can have no reasonable explanation. Just dumb, dumb. dumb. Where he was, who he was with and how he behaved……..he’s 0 for 3 and reaches 10 on the stupid meter.
    But what are we gonna do???? Nothing. Let’s hope he plays better than this.

    • rockmattioli on said:

      are the “seemingly intelligent people” you refer to the players who screw up or the fans that make excuses for them?…it applies to both(we agree)…

      it`s not really hard to understand why some players are so used to being treated deferentially(in many cases,they`ve been coddled and protected their entire lives because they were superior athletes)…doesn`t excuse what they do but it does offer a rationale(as feeble as that may be)…..

      on the other hand,the fan reaction is baffling….well,maybe not….I just saw a poll that said many millenials are o.k. with socialism…..

      we are living in strange(and difficult) times….and I doubt it gets better anytime soon…

  3. RJ on said:

    Count me as one of those who will give ALL law enforcement people the benefit of the doubt, and will chastise the ‘Jimmy Smiths’ of the world who try and interfere…shame on you Mr. Smith, and shame on those fans who will come to your defense over those out there 24×7 putting their proverbial butts on the line for us – they deserve better!

  4. really? on said:

    This site is nauseating. I am not saying Jimmy is innocent but to arrest him for bullcrap charges like ‘disorderly conduct’ or ‘disturbing the peace’ is asinine. Blaming TMZ for reporting cops is ridiculuos too! The cops who murder rape and kidnap are not broadcast on TMZ. Try NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, BBC, amongst others. The Shield has been broken and abused for two decades. The distrust of the corrupt police is only increased by militarization as well as sensational journalism like yours claiming most are good. Open your eyes. 1 in 10 do. Most have been heard saying they cant wait to kick down doors, assault civilians.

    • RJ on said:

      Jimmy Smith should have been with his expecting wife at the time, rather than at some bar with a cokehead, and all of this would not have happened!!

        • Chip on said:

          Yeah, because all the kids who are born to married couples are doing so well in the world. *rolls eyes*

          If the child is loved and cared for, it doesn’t matter even the tiniest bit if their parents are married or not.

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      Hopefully you don’t represent the majority because if you do I can’t even begin to imagine why anyone would want to enter the business of law enforcement. If this kind of attitude spreads, we will move further and further down the food chain and the resulting police force, those who might accept a wage clearly not commensurate with the risks, could result in chaos.

    • seriously on said:

      If you don’t like the laws in this country than get the hell out. “bullcrap” charges like disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, are there to protect citizens rights that are obeying laws. The cops don’t make the laws but are required to enforce them. Do us all a favor and leave the site as well. It’s no wonder the Ravens have a bad public image from fans of other teams.

      Tony I applaud this article, and was growing weary of continuing to follow this site with all the anti police rants. But you have reaffirmed my belief that majority of us put the blame where it belongs, on the criminals that are arrested.

      • CrabbyPatty on said:

        “If you don’t like the laws in this country then* get the hell out” This has to be the most ignorant sentence I’ve ever seen an “American” say or write. If you don’t like the laws in this country then let your voice be heard because this is a DEMOCRACY. If that’s your attitude you’d be better off living in China or better yet North Korea. Maybe YOU should leave this site, since you seem to hate freedom of opinion and speech so much. So sorry not everybody’s brain has been programmed as yours so obviously has.

        • seriously on said:

          Yeah because the two laws being referred to are so new. (sarcasm) I don’t hate freedom of speech but I do hate the sense of entitlement that our society has come to. Police are second guessed like no other profession. How about you wear the badge and get a better understanding of reality. So Crabby you’re ok with LE being constantly bashed but you’re offended by the opposing viewpoint.

          • CrabbyPatty on said:

            I think a good rule to follow in life is to question everything. That’s all. If someone tells me something is illegal, I might ask, “why?” Instead of conforming blindly. That’s all I’m saying. That and I can’t stand when someone uses the whole “If ya don’t like ____ then get the hell out of this country” line. It’s exactly what the conservative bigots around here always say. A mind is like a parachute, works best when it’s open! Just saying…

      • vdub on said:

        Charges like disorderly conduct and failure to obey allow cops to arrest u for any reason they see fit. The might have been to protect people but in many cases that is no how they are used. And people turning a blind eye to police doing whatever they want is allowing to problem to grow. U think it is a good idea to leave multiple male cops unattended in a restroom with a passed out woman?

    • Christine on said:

      I wonder what makes Mr. Smith think he is entitled or empowered to strong-arm the police. He is just an entertainer. The rest of us have to obey the rules. I agree that some police officers are corrupt. Maybe those of us who criticize the police should become officers and show them how to do the job right.

  5. Mike on said:

    I am a former Baltimore County Police Officer and can say with 100% certainty that the crime that Jimmy Smith was charged with here is not only appropriate, but fair. There are a host of other charges that could have been added, but restraint and a desire to not make this a media circus clearly played a hand in this. If Smith had identified himself before being placed under arrest, it would be fair to say that he was targeted by the police, but only if his conduct did not merit the arrest. The conduct demonstrated by Smith in this report could have resulted in far more serious charges.

    • vdub on said:

      This could have been far more serious Because Police Tend to escalate minor situations. And u are assuming the report is correct. And a cop would never rat on one of their own

  6. DW on said:

    Why was he in a bar and in the women’s restroom with another woman the night before his wife had his baby? Maybe I read the story wrong and someone can clarify to me why he was in that situation with that person???

  7. orphan45 on said:

    I don’t even know what to say or think. I have seen first hand how Baltimore County police officers have acted way to hastily to arrest someone who would not cooperate with them which was more of a frustration move. And I have also witnessed Baltimore county officers do some pretty cool things in very heated situations. To lump all athletes and all cops into a mold of absolutes is ridiculous and extreme. All we know is the facts that are indisputable, Jimmy should have stepped away, the woman was in trouble, and better choices should have been made by at least 3 parties involved BEFORE the arrest was made.
    These Ravens are not the Bengals of a few years ago, we all know that. We all know that these incidents are all pretty minor, with the exception of Ray Rice and Jah Reid, but the culmination of them is going to weigh heavily in the court of public opinion. It is not a lack of leadership being displayed, it is the total abundance of instant communications and the desire to sensationalize any and every negative incident that is the new norm for this country/ brave new world.

  8. Chris From Cville on said:

    You gotta love all the police apologists on this article. None of you witnessed the incident so you are drawing your conclusions from a police report which are always written in a manner that makes makes the accused look like an animal when a majority of the time it’s completely embellished or slanted in an angle for the arresting officer. From what I read Smith was trying to take care of his friend and yes he was obviously overly emotional but the officer should have let cooler heads prevail and have given the situation a few minutes to cool down before slapping the cuffs on someone.

    • RJ on said:

      I will ALWAYS err on the side of the police/police report than trust the word of someone who feels they are above the law, which is the case when anyone chooses NOT to listen to the authorities when told to follow orders!

  9. JPP on said:

    I had personally experienced overzealous police on many occasions in Maryland, not always, but enough to avoid them at all costs. I have no criminal record and don’t look like a troublemaker. I don’t know if that applies to JS, but I won’t dismiss it as a possibility.

  10. Marti mcfly 55 on said:

    after reading all the comments above , I had to respond to this. Not all police are bad. I have cops in my family but I can say with a high level of certainty that a lot of these officers are crooked and the things they do are not exposed to the public. I talk to my brother in law a Baltimore city cop and my cousin a Baltimore county cop and they tell me all kind of stories about the dirt cops do. I was in several. Conversations about if a cop had the chance to arrest a raven in more what would happen. I really thought they would kick things under the rug but as I was told by actual officers that it’s a big deal for them to arrest high profile guy and officers they know has said they can’t wait to catch a high profile guy and arrest them because I gives the some type of clout with there bosses of them being good officers. So don’t think for a minute that they are not treated unfairly at times. No one is above the law but cops like everyone else have their own agenda sometime. I know cops that are just as crooked as they come and some good ones. It’s an individual character thing not an every officer thing.cops a human too and screw up just like everybody else it’s just not publicized until they can’t hide it anymore. The things that a lot of young guy black and white experience in bore city is horrible the police that’s paid to protect and serve do things that are unlawful and unethical occure on a daily basis. I know for a fact most of Baltimore city officers are crooked because I hang with and talk to a lot of them regularly . And just to speak on the smith thing from what I hear from Baltimore county officers that I know that know the arresting officer he knew it was Jimmie smith because once he arrived on the scene he was told who was involved and he tried to defuse it without arrest but did what he ultimately had to do.

  11. Andre on said:

    So the cops should of said oh the starting corner for the Ravens is here. Everything is under control. We will go back into service. The girl dies, or let’s say she is still passed out while they leave. Now the cops are on the news. Obviously Jimmy didn’t have it under control or the cops would not have showed up. By the letter of the law Jimmy committed a crime therefore was arrested. Was it serious no. Was it personal no. Just cops doing their job.

  12. RJ on said:

    Entitlement society, that is where we are at….Smith should have been thrown in jail awaiting due process, along with Ray, and the rest of the Ravens malcontents! Btw, I AM a Ravens PSL holder!

  13. common sense people on said:

    Way too many generalizations here. Jimmy Smith was being a jerk. The cop could have warned him, “I understand you are trying to help, but I need to do my job and I will arrest you if you don’t exit this bathroom immediately.” Just be happy no one is hurt. Bottom line: not all cops are bad, and not all NFL players do stupid stuff like this. Everyone get off your high horses and go out and try to do something productive today. Sheesh.

  14. Brian Bower on said:

    I have been on the other end as an EMS provider and entering situations where someone is keeping you from performing patient care. Given the detailed account via the police report, Mr. Smith was given every opportunity to remove himself from the situation. He failed to do so, the officers had no other choice.

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