FILMSTUDY: 13 Plays that would haunt the Ravens

Celek jumps Ed Reed

Breakdown of the big pass plays v. Philadelphia Eagles (9/16/12)

One of the new Tuesday night pleasures is the release of the coaches’ film for the Sunday games on NFL Rewind.  Given how the Ravens lost Sunday’s game, I thought it would be worthwhile to review the biggest plays from that game.

The coaches’ film is available with the Season Plus package.  It’s a newly-offered $70 per year package that I recommend.  If you read my column regularly, I include the quarter and time references so you can follow with video and the ideal indexing exists with the Rewind packages.

Here is a list of the 13 pass plays of 15+ yards versus the Ravens on Sunday versus the Eagles:

(Q1, 15:00) Zone: Celek lined up as LTE in a 3-point stance.  He crossed to the right side between the hashes and the numbers and well behind Lewis as the zone was cleared by the WR split right.  Pollard was closest, but was late as Celek made an easy reception for 23 yards (17 on the catch plus 6 YAC).

(Q1, 14:22) Man:  Jackson lined up slot covered by Ellerbe who couldn’t stick with him as he ran an out route to the left sideline (15 on the catch + 2 YAC).

(Q1, 12:25) Man:  Reed dropped from the LoS to cover Avant from slot right.  Coverage was fairly good with Reed and Lewis bracketing horizontally, but Vick’s pass threaded the needle and Avant made a leaping grab between the numbers and the right hash (15 + 1).

(Q1, 7:51) Zone:  Pollard was again closest and either lost or released Celek as he broke to the outside for a 19-yard pickup (10 + 9) by the left sideline.

(Q1, 2:08) Zone:  Celek easily got behind McClellan and Lewis who released perhaps 10 yards from the LoS.  Reed was far too deep to impact the play and Pollard came from the left sideline to put a big stick on Celek between the numbers and the left hash.  The catch went for 21 yards (17 + 4) in what could fairly be termed a hole in the zone.

(Q2, 4:02) Zone:  The Ravens were in a deep cover-2 zone.  Jackson got behind McClellan and Lewis in a huge open space between the numbers and the left hash for an 18-yard gain (11 + 7).

(Q2, 3:19) Zone:  Celek crossed from LTE and was open quickly behind Lewis and McClain between the hashes.  Vick stepped up after evading mild pressure and delivered a strike with Celek still wide open between the right hash and numbers for a gain of 28 (17 + 11).

(Q3, 10:46) Zone: Vick rolled left off play action and threw to a wide-open Maclin by the left sideline in the end zone for a 23-yard TD.  Williams released after 13 yards, but no one was there to take deep responsibility, because Reed had moved up to cover short left.  Rolling under pressure as he did, Vick didn’t have a broad section of the field to throw safely, which made the blown deep coverage that much more disappointing.  Nonetheless, Vick’s speed allowed him a split second to plant and throw on the run.

(Q3, 9:49) Zone:  Celek was left alone short by the right sideline where it appeared Ellerbe was responsible, but far too close to the RT.  Vick checked at least 1 primary read, then threw to Celek by the right sideline for a gain of 24 (3 + 21).  Celek hurdled Reed on the run after the catch.

(Q3, 0:52) Man (at least on Jackson):  Jackson was covered underneath by Smith and had a step on him.  Vick’s throw was right on target, down the right sideline and Reed arrived just an instant after the catch to deliver a huge hit, but Jackson held on.  The play went for 49 yards (46 + 3).

(Q4, 11:21) Zone:  The Eagles lined up with all standing receivers close along the LoS.  Avant was near right and Ihedigbo ran up to take responsibility for the zone short right.  He released Avant after approximately 6 yards.  Webb had deep right, but Avant cut hard, crossing behind McClain, who had dropped a few yards off the LoS close to the right hash.  As the pocket broke down, Avant cleared McClain and was wide open.  Vick delivered the ball accurately (flattened by Upshaw after his release) for a gain of 17 (16 + 1).  The broadcast video will often make counting QHs a bit of a guessing game, so this was on my list to check when the coaches video was posted on NFL Rewind.  The Ravens knocked Vick down a total of 11 times in the game.

(Q4, 4:29) Man:  The Ravens appeared to have a combination of coverage assignments with Webb and Williams playing short and deep zones on the OLS and man assignments on the ORS including Ray Lewis on Celek with Reed deep.  Celek lined up at RTE and released between Ellerbe and Lewis and ran between the right hash and numbers.  Lewis turned to chase and Vick dropped in a perfectly thrown ball over Lewis and in front of Reed for a gain of 24 (22 + 2).

(Q4, 2:15) Man:  The Ravens played man with Harbor lined up at LTE.  Jackson drew Webb deep on a 9 route on the ORS.  Williams covered Avant, who also lined up on the ORS and crossed.  Harbor was covered by Ihedigbo and crossed from left to right into the area vacated by both corners.  Ihedigbo was a step behind and the throw was again on target for a gain of 19 (13 + 6).  Combined with Jones’ roughing the passer penalty, the Eagles had 1st and goal at the 3 on what would be their winning score.

On these 13 plays, the Ravens allowed an even 300 yards passing of the 351 (net) for which Vick would throw.  73 of those yards were after the catch.

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