FILMSTUDY: OL Improves vs. Pittsburgh, but Gino’s Struggles Continue

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

I wanted to provide a brief evaluation of the linemen only this week.

The scoring is based on 61 offensive snaps for the Ravens, all of which were competitive.

Monroe:  Eugene had his first excellent game as a Raven.  He did not make a single error resulting in a negative score and missed just 4 blocks.   He pulled successfully once, administered 2 pancakes, and made 2 blocks in level 2.  Scoring:  57 blocks, 4 missed, 57 points (.93 per play).  A.  The last LT to play as well for the Ravens was Bryant McKinnie, who scored .94 (1 more block in 1 more play) against the Texans in the divisional game in Baltimore following the 2011 season (28 games ago).

Osemele:  Osemele’s need for back surgery after the season is devastating to both his career and his value to the Ravens.  It does, however, provide a reason as to why he has not played well.  That said, he had his best game of the year on Sunday.  Keisel and Williams each bulled him once for a shared pressure.  Heyward brushed by him and then bulled Gradkowski for a 3rd shared pressure (Q4, 13:56).  He got good push when run blocking, made 5 blocks in L2, and had 2 pancakes.  Scoring:  54 blocks, 4 missed, 1.5 pressures, 51 points (.84 per play).  His quality run blocking is offset by 2 pressures where he would have been fully charged had someone not been present to share the event.  B.

Gradkowski:  I’d encourage anyone who is observing the debate over Gradkowski to simply watch for a game on NFL rewind or from your own DVR.  To maximize transparency, here are all of his negative scoring plays from this game for your review:


  • (Q1, 12:25)  He was bulled straight back by McClendon for a pressure.
  • (Q1, 11:47)  He was beaten by a stunt, then a spin move by Worilds which disrupted Flacco and gave Woodley time to deliver a slow-developing QH shared with Oher.
  • (Q1, 0:50)  On 3rd and 1, McClendon penetrated past Gino’s right arm to take down Rice for a loss of 1.
  • (Q2, 6:23)  He was bulled into Flacco by McLendon for a pressure.
  • (Q3, 11:55)  He and Yanda were jointly bulled by Heyward for a pressure.
  • (Q3, 11:49)  The Ravens zone blocked to the right and Polomalu flew by his face to take down Rice for a loss of 2.
  • (Q4, 13:56)  He was bulled by Heyward (who Osemele initially missed) for a shared pressure.
  • (Q4, 7:37)  He was bulled by Ziggy Hood to flush Flacco left on a play he completed to Jones for a gain of 8.

Scoring:  49 blocks, 4 missed, 2 penetrations, 4 pressures (3 + 2 x ½), 1/2 QH, 35.5 points (.58 per play).  That’s another F and .19 per play short of a D- at center.

Yanda:  Marshal finally had a game worthy of his Pro Bowl status after 4 consecutive poor games.  In addition to a fine game against Heyward, he pulled twice successfully and had 4 blocks in L2.  Scoring:  58 blocks, 2 missed, ½ penetration, 57 points (.93 per play).  A.

Oher:  Michael regressed after a top-shelf performance versus Green Bay.  He didn’t get great push in the run game, but I scored him for just 1 pressure when he was bulled then beaten inside by Neal (Q4, 14:22).  He did a good job of getting back to keep Jones out of the end zone on the strip sack (Q2, 0:12).  Scoring:  50 blocks, 6 missed, 3.5 pressures, ½ QH, 1 holding, 35.5 points (.58 per play).  He faced LaMarr Woodley, who was the Steelers best active pass rusher, so his play is adjusted up from a high F to a D.

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19 Raves on “FILMSTUDY: OL Improves vs. Pittsburgh, but Gino’s Struggles Continue

  1. spy on said:

    Do you think they will offer more money to keep Oher since he played against some of the other teams best rushers ? If you can adjust his grade based on the quality of competition the Ravens must follow suit and adjust their offer to him with a good raise…………..Do you see how silly this looks………………

  2. Jim from Dundalk on said:

    I agree with spy , stop raising your grades because these O-linemen play against good competition . They either played well or they didn’t . Do you think Bisciotti went to Harbaugh after the game and told him that it was OK to lose because they played a team that was better prepared . Next game will be against lower competition so you should win but if the other team plays harder that day it will be OK to lose . Your valuations are really good until you get to that ‘quality of competition’ stuff . Stop it please .

    • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

      I think it’s pretty funny when Jimmy from Dundalk, Jim from Dundalk and Spy all agree with each other… you know, considering the responses all come from the same IP address.

      • Jim from Dundalk on said:

        It’s my brother , we are not rich enough to enjoy multiple devices . Not everyone is wealthy enough to own their own web site , my brother and I both enjoy the game of football but we do not have very much money .

      • Jim from Dundalk on said:

        One more thing , we do not know who ‘jimmy from dundalk’ is , neither of us have used this moniker , please check you review of the IP address as we believe you are wrong on jimmy , we are jim from dundalk and spy , but thats is it .

          • spy on said:

            You have already adjusted it based on your opinion of the quality of competition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,therefore it becomes biased and slanted in the direction you want it to be……………….

      • jim from dundalk on said:

        I guess you can make a statement like you did because you are better than my brother and I , but it is not unusual for brothers to agree with each other especially when you have to share things,,,,,,,,,,,you wouldn’t know about that…………….

  3. joe d on said:

    Why don’t the coaches bench Gradkowski and let A.Q. start a few games. If he isn’t better than Gradkowski then he shouldn’t be on the team. Ozzie’s major focus next year will be to find replacements for Gradkowski and Oher.

    • filmstudy on said:

      Joe D, I don’t know any more than you do regarding potential change, but I don’t think it’s likely GG will finish the season as the starting center.

      They won’t say until shortly befote tha game, but it could be Shipley, Jensen, Yanda, or an acquisition.

      As of now I’d handicap it as just a 25% chance he’ll start every game this season.

  4. Grey on said:

    If there was a position in need of some Ozzie magic it is Center. The guy is a total miss as a draft pick, I can’t see how the FO convinced themselves Gino had value. They had to know they had steeped in it once they saw him in practice.

  5. ECD on said:

    Gradkowski isn’t big/strong enough and Shipley isn’t any bigger/stronger. This isn’t the University of Delaware, it’s the NFL where every NT in the league outweighs him by 30+ lbs and probably out-lifts him by 100 or more. He has to work on better technique and do more lifting to compensate for that. Jensen has said that the line coaches wanted him to learn the guard spot this year, not center so if anything, he’d likely replace Osemele who has a bad back that will require off season surgery.

  6. Bruce Romo on said:

    Perhaps the The Rams would consider trading veteran Center Scott Wells ( since their season is awash and Sam Bradford has been shelved).

  7. Sdot on said:

    I think Shipley should be given a shot. Remember, all of our linemen were horrible prior to the Ravens canning that zone blocking nonsense. Shipley was pretty good as a Colt and he just might be our answer at center. Yes he struggled in pre season but that’s before we reverted back to our former run blocking scheme.

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