Final Word (I Think) on Ray Rice’s Suspension

Photo Credit: Press of Atlantic City

We received a lot of push back from Ravens and NFL Fans not happy about what they believe to be a light-handed suspension given to Ray Rice (2 games, $500,000+).

Some followers were nasty after I posted the following Tweets:



Agree with me or not, my logic is as follows.

The NFL is all about expanding markets and making money. There’s risk associated with this decision in that many women will react negatively and that reaction damages a market the league hopes to expand.

So why would they make the call to suspend Rice for 2 games instead of 4-6 and risk the economic opportunity?

Maybe they have more intel and have concluded that based on the evidence, the punishment fits the crime. Has Roger Goodell ever given anyone a break?

Ray Rice’s father-in-law is good with Ray. Shouldn’t we be? Maybe he has more intel also.

Here’s something else to consider, redundant to a point given yesterday’s blog but worth restating.

If the evidence was so damning Atlantic County, NJ would not have agreed to allow Rice to enter the Pretrial Intervention Program. Once he successfully completes that, all charges are dismissed.

Maybe, just maybe there’s more to this than any of us know and AC and the NFL are right.

The court of public opinion can have its flaws.

19 Raves on “Final Word (I Think) on Ray Rice’s Suspension

  1. chris on said:

    This is a joke of a suspension, he uppercut his girlfriend in public. If there was video of this of any person at any job and it was public knowledge, they would be fired instantly. I know this is the NFL, but 2 games? What a joke. I am a Ravens fan, but if Ray ever scores a TD I will be cheering for the Team, not at all for Ray.

    200lb man knocks out a 100 lb chick? 2 games? get out of here. He can easily walk away. Unless shes got a gun or knife you have no reason to hit a woman

    • Derek on said:

      Where is the evidence that he “uppercut” her, exactly? Other than what some “witness” told Deadspin? Have you seen it?

    • Thomas on said:

      Wow. Fired instantly? For something the LEGAL SYSTEM viewed minor enough to use the pretrial intervention program? Would you like your employer to fire you should you ever be in a similar situation?

  2. jws on said:

    TL, Good way to hopefully conclude this issue and move on. All your points are
    well taken and true. His actually lost money is way over 500K it is 3 game checks that many good sources say is over 750K. No one knows the whole truth except Ray, his wife
    and New Jersey aurhoritoes.

  3. Kim on said:

    Rice was involved in something that would get most people outside of the NFL jailed. I think he should have been suspended more games, and I’m a Ravens fan. I also think Harbaugh was misunderstood yesterday at his press conference and wish he’d have a chance to clarify what he meant when he said “not a big deal”. That is Internet fire right now. Dan Dakich even posted something about it. In the end, Rice will serve his suspension and move on from this. All I can hope is that he really is a changed man, because so many people who are involved in domestic violence disputes become repeat offenders. Let’s hope he stays clean. One wrong move, and I wouldn’t mind him out the door.

  4. Joe on said:

    Tony, you make too much sense. We demand instant wildly accusatory stances!

    Seriously, I’m okay with using this as an opportunity to push the NFL to come up with a program to crack down on DV. But I want to know where this huge outcry was when Pacman Jones was on video punching a woman for throwing a drink on him and he got 0 GAMES SUSPENSION? Where was the outcry when Dez Bryant shoved his mother 2 years ago? People act like this case is so much more egregious than the others where guys have gotten 1 or 2 games, but it’s not.

  5. TC@@!& on said:

    I’ve and watched Ray play football since he was a sophomore and close with his HS coach. He has always been a gentleman, has a clean record, and is a stand up guy. I can promise you that very people know the real story and the video shows no aggression towards his wife. Note the word ‘allegedly’ in any fair reporting, yet I have heard him called a wife beater, “punched out the girl’, etc. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about and should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Tt@@!& on said:

    I’ve known Ray and watched Ray since he was a sophomore in high school and am close with his HS coach. He is a gentleman and a stand up guy. All this posts and articles have no basis in fact. The video does not support the assumptions about ‘wife beating’ and ‘punched out his wife’. Does anyone note the word ‘alleged’ in the reporting. People that make these judgement about the incident without knowledge of the facts should be ashamed of themselves. Just shut up because you’re dead wrong.

  7. Fcowher on said:

    Maybe Goodell took into account how Rice has been a pillar of the community since the day he was drafted. Rice has never been in trouble before, and goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to charity work. All of his good deeds had to be taken into account. That and he was convicted of no crime, and if his wife had any type of physical marks from that night the police would have never released them together.

  8. John Humble on said:

    Tony what I find interesting is that when Rice entered his plea deal that allowed him to avoid any serious legal penalty, no one said a word. There were no articles about how the legal system is broken, and no faux anger on Twitter about how the legal system doesn’t care about women and domestic violence. Yet the NFL hands down a suspension that is deemed to be too light and all of a sudden everyone is upset. I think it is a bit disingenuous for those that never complained about Rice’s legal penalty (which is really the penalty that should matter), to now complain about the NFL penalty. Are we not misguided as a society in looking to the NFL, a business predicated on a violent sport, to somehow send a message with regard to domestic violence? Also, all of the fake anger over the implications of the suspension is ridiculous. You would think the NFL’s decision was a Supreme Court decision affecting women’s rights.

  9. Mill on said:

    Media spin is a powerful tool. The media wants to make it like Rice went all Mike Tyson on this girl just because he is some type of thug. It is not true. I think the NFL saw a woman attacking a man in an enclosed space, just like the AC courts did. Ray is a big fish. He wouldn’t get off with a light sentence if he viciously attacked his wife.

  10. Big Herb on said:

    Dis Ray do wrong? Yes, Is he sorry for it? Yes, Do I think he learned a lesson? Yes, Is the 2 game suspension enough? no by half but having lost more than a half a million in wages will sting somebut no matter the ruling has been handed down and all the griping about it serves no purpose, so let’s get on with the business at hand, returning to the Super Bowl.

  11. JPP on said:

    We don’t know what happened exactly, there was some aggression caught on camera other than him dragging her out of the elevator. The incident can only be harmful to Ray with the justice system, the NFL, his employer and fans. I’m only in control of how I feel about him. He dissapointed me last year as a man and a football player. He’s got work to do to regain confidence on both counts.

  12. JerryB on said:

    Tony: jurisprudence demands that, “the punishment fit the crime”! Those responsible for making the decisions obviously came to that conclusion after examining ALL the evidence as well as Rice’s background. People can speculate all they want, but in the final analysis, including what amounts to a $500,000 “fine”, in the opinion of those whose opinions matter, the punishment fits the crime! Let’s hope this Ray ends his football career on the same high note that another Ray did following an equally untoward experience with the law early in his career!

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