Flacco’s agent sounds off on the Ravens front office


While the rest of the country debated whether Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was elite or not, Flacco’s agent and the Ravens tried to establish his worth.

In March, an agreement was reached and Flacco signed a six-year, $120 million contract ($52 million guaranteed) that made Flacco the highest paid player in NFL history. Even though Flacco’s agent Joe Linta was happy to receive the commission, he said the Ravens were “dumb” during negotiations last year.

“I’ve never in my life seen a dumber move,” Linta told USA Today. “I guess people can say, ‘Well Joe was dumb, too’ It could have been (dumb) God forbid, if he got hurt.”

Linta revealed that the major dispute between he and the Ravens was over an extra $1 million he was asking in the final year of Flacco’s contract.

“One million six years from now, in the base salary non-guaranteed money, and they walked away,” Linta said, referring to the Ravens front office. “It cost them $35 million. I so have no sympathy. None.”

Owner Steve Bisciotti was forced to open his check book after Flacco was named Super Bowl MVP, capping an impressive playoff run in which he passed for 11 touchdowns with zero interceptions.

“$1 million to Steve Bisciotti six year from now? That’s like 100 buck for you or me today,” Linta said, questioning Bisciotti’s willingness to meet his previous terms. As of March, Bisciotti’s net worth was $1.8 billion according to the popular financial publication, Forbes.

Flacco and Linta ended up technically winning their argument with the Ravens but all parties involved got what they wanted in the end. Paying for Flacco will financially handicap the franchise down the road to some extent, but the Ravens ended up getting a franchise Super Bowl-winning quarterback that most teams would love to have. Winning their second Lombardi trophy in franchise history was icing on the cake.

This won’t be the last negotiation the Ravens will have to deal with Linta on. Both parties have already came to an agreement on rookie fullback/tight end Kyle Juszczyk and in a few years may have to address second-year center Gino Gradkowski’s contract status. That will depend on if Gradkowski can win the starting center spot, a position vacated by a former client of Linta, Matt Birk, who retired following the Super Bowl.

20 Raves on “Flacco’s agent sounds off on the Ravens front office

  1. Josh on said:

    Linta is a second-tier agent with an extreme inferiority complex. What an ass is he for coming out now with these outrageous statements. I have never liked him and his obsessive need for self-publicity.

    • paulie on said:

      Joe LInta is second tier?
      (Yeah, 45 mostly working class guys
      and the top paid Qb in football . . .)

      Obsession with self publicity?
      (At least 80% of football fans would say,”Joe who?)

      Saying that Flacco was asking a lot less before the SB is outrageous?
      (You really going to tell us that quibbling of $1 M last off season
      didn’t cost them about 30% in the long run?)

      What I know of Joe Linta, I’m sure he didn’t call a press conference.
      Somebody ask him and he’s not one to hold back or lie.

      • Mill on said:

        But I am sure you can agree he lacks a certain amount of “tack” in expressing his opinion.

        “I’ve never in my life seen a dumber move”.

        “I have no sympathy. NONE”

        The problem with both of those statements is that he is making contract negotiations personal and he is certainly not making any friends in the Ravens front office. A more polished agent would focus strictly on his client.

        Instead of calling it a dumb move, simply saying something to the tune of it was a gamble for them and it benefited my client would have gotten the same point across without making him sound like a five year old.

        Instead of I have no sympathy, he should have taken the high road and talked about what a great deal it was for his client because at the end of the day that is what it is about. Not his personal ego. You can tell by his statements that Ozzie and co., bruised his ego by standing their ground.

        • bogeyroy on said:

          Not only is Linta not making friends in the Ravens front office, but more than likely all over the NFL. He’s not Scott Boras, he’s a Boras wanna be ! I’m guessing that Flacco contacted Linta and asked him to just keep quiet about things…if it were anyone else besides Flacco, they would have told Linta to keep his #@&*^% mouth shut !!!

          • paulie on said:

            You’d be funny if you were not so clueless.
            Scott Boras wanna be? Really??
            Yeah, I got a real good picture of Scott Boras taking on coaching a bunch of 9th to 12th graders to help them get scholarships for college.
            Yeah that’s definitely going to happen . . .
            I’m also sure that Flacco is going to turn around and piss all over the guy who stuck it out and got him $120 M.

        • Chris on said:

          I agree and to be honest it almost sounds like he believes Flacco is now overpaid. I think I would rather have my agent talk about how I earned my contract. Not say crap that makes it seem like I just screwed my team, which is the exact reason that Flacco is taking so much crap. Linta only added fuel to that fire.

  2. Todd on said:

    Regardless of how the negotiations went why would you say anything. Be professional what is between you and the team should stay that way. This why we hate the payment system, it is not so much the money but the pettyness in getting it. Show some class and shut your yap…

  3. Tgun42 on said:

    Flacco should fire him. An Agent represents you. This is as good as Flacco saying it. I would hope Joe does not share his sentiments and if that is the case there should be some repercusions. Joe should say , you know what the ravens pay me, I am a part of that franchise and family. Calling them stupid is calling me stupid. So in the words of Donald Trump, Your fired. Who’s dumb now. Thats how I would handle it.

  4. Your English Teacher on said:

    Agree with the first two posters. Just because the facts ended up favoring Flacco, that doesn’t mean that the Ravens were idiots in the negotiation. 20/20 hindsight is the wisdom of fools. Further, comparing that $1 million to Bisciotti’s net worth is irrelevant. It’s the salary cap that Flacco’s salary needs to fit, not Bisciotti’s wallet. Yes, it’s tacky that Linta is airing dirty laundry after the fact. That’s not going to help him with the team in the future.

  5. George on said:

    Linta is obviously a second tier agent who lucked into a top tier client. He’s an idiot for making these after the fact slams. I’m sure that Ozzie and Steve will remember his attitude if he ever gets to negotiate with them again. The guy is a bottom dweller.

  6. RJ on said:

    Despite being 100% right, Linta REALLY needs to shut his face! He will be dealing with this organization and many others for a long time to come, and there’s no reason to create animosity at this point.

    Again, that being said, Linta is absolutely right that the Ravens dropped the ball BIG TIME last year then it came to Flacco’s contract, and I can’t believe it cost them an extra $30-40 million dollars that SHOULD be going towards acquiring top-tier players the way the Broncos and 49ers have done. I’m shocked at the overall price tag for a barely top 10 QB (if that) but even more shocked that it seems to have set a new standard since the Cowboys gave their own worthless QB more or less the same deal as Flacco, who at least “earned” his payday!

  7. Brian on said:

    Joe L. you had the biggest signee for like ten seconds til A Rodgers your fifteen minutes are up now go away!!!!!!!!

    • Chris on said:

      I would agree, if he had actually done something special. He didnt set the bar. Drew Brees agent did that and he raised it by what amounts to pennies in these contracts. He got his Superbowl MVP QB the standard for a contract. I would be more impressed if he had actually been able to raise the bar significantly like Rodgers did.

  8. Phil from Frostburg on said:

    If the facts are correct ( i’m skeptical), then both sides were unbelievably stupid for being stubborn taking the risk for about roughly 1% of the contract value. The ravens lost in one sense but perhaps we don’t win the Super Bowl if Flacco is in a different state of mind, so I’m sure the team would not change a thing.

  9. Ravenwoman on said:

    Some things in life are better left unsaid. If I were a football player and I had an agent, the very first rule I would have for him is to never, ever, comment about the negotiations of my contract, Ever. If the media asked anything about the contract, his response would be “No comment.” This is before, during and after the contract is signed. “No comment.” If said agent ever broke that rule and starting disclosing anything about the negotiations in the paper, he would be fired. Kaput.

  10. Mike on said:

    I really doubt they were a million in year 6 off. Maybe a million each year, but I don’t think the front office would care about a million dollars in year 6 when he will be restructured/extended year 3-4

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