FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Best Plays in Ravens History

McAlister Return
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Back in June of 2008 we put together our list of the Best Plays in Ravens History.

Of course time has a way of changing things. The Mile High Miracle may arguably be the greatest of all. We’ll revisit the list but over the course of the next 5 Flashback Fridays we’ll present what we once regarded as the 10 best in pairs and then we’ll ask your help in creating an updated list.

Here are the plays we ranked as the 9th and 10th best in Ravens history 6 years ago…


10. ED REED PICK 6: The Ravens took a 20-13 lead against the Cleveland Browns on a mild November 7, 2004 Sunday night. With 7:03 left on the game clock, Jeff Garcia rallied his team and took them to the Ravens 5 yard line with 45 seconds remaining in the game. With nothing to lose most expected the Browns to go for a two point conversion and the win, should they score a touchdown.

Facing a second and five, Garcia tried to hit Aaron Shea down near the goal line but Shea was hit by Ray Lewis just as the ball arrived (some believe perhaps a split second too soon). The pass deflected off Shea and into the hands of Ed Reed who scooped the ball just before it hit the end zone. 106 yards later, Reed’s record interception return for a score put an abrupt end to Cleveland’s comeback and sealed the 27-13 victory for the Ravens, a score that certainly isn’t indicative of how close the game really was. (INT at 1:08 mark of video below)

9. CHRIS MCALISTER 107 YARD RETURN ON MNF: In Baltimore, we always feel that we’re on the short end of the stick when it comes to Monday Night Football. Not in 2002. The 0-2 Ravens were facing a smoking hot 3-0 Denver team on MNF. Despite a lackluster at best performance v. Tampa Bay the week before the Ravens’ early season bye, the atmosphere at then Ravens Stadium was electric.

The voltage meter went off the chart when a long field goal attempt at the end of the first half by Denver’s Jason Elam fell way short and into the waiting arms of Chris McAlister who was standing 7 yards deep in the end zone. Initially McAlister hesitated but eventually emerged from the end zone after “encouragement” from Ray Lewis.

Ray’s hit on a Denver special teams player Keith Burns was one for the ages and it sprung McAlister as he raced down the sidelines for an NFL record 107 yard scoring play.

Which of these plays is better, the Ed Reed Pick 6 v. Browns or McAlister's return v. Denver?
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8 Raves on “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Best Plays in Ravens History

  1. Rxdoxx on said:

    Coming in early to suggest one which isn’t one but 2 plays
    Like if we are discussing Wrestling and the greatest, there has to be a sub category of greatest Tag-team

    Willis McGahee 77 yards and Le’Ron McClain 82 yards on the Ravens next offensive snap vs Cowboys in 2008.

    But I don’t know what you are going to do with it.
    Neither individual play can come close to the first 2 you are voting on, but as a one-two combo it gets at least very close and viewed as a coupled pair can be a greatest moment for sure.

  2. gregg on said:

    I am going to list the following and allow the fans to wonder if they rate. Here are a few gems~
    1) Flacco to Jacoby Jones to tie the playoff game against Denver in 2012-of course!
    2) Anthony Mitchell return of a missed FG against the Titans in 2000.
    3) Ray Rice 4th and 29 against the Chargers in 2012.
    4) Flacco to TJ Houshmandzadeh in Pittsburgh in 2010 to beat the Steelers.
    5) Flacco to Derrick Mason for a long TD pass during the playoff game in Tennessee.

      • Tony LombardiTony Lombardi on said:

        Rob, this was a Flashback Friday piece done prior to the 2008 season. We’ll update the list after this plays out.

        • Rob on said:

          Not commenting on your article list. If that was the case I would have made a stand alone reply. I was commenting on gregg’s list of 5 here.

          • gregg on said:

            I agree- Flacco to Smith was just as important and perhaps more improbable. I just thought Flacco to TJ was important because it was the first time Flacco beat Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. My list was just a throw out and see what fans thought. I am certainly no expert.

  3. Reading Comments on said:

    What I really remember about that Monday night Denver Game was the Sports Media had us being clobbered by the Superior Broncos. I loved every minute of it.
    Chris Redman played a solid game, and the rest is history.
    Although he looked a little goofy in pre game warm ups, and I remember again the Sports Media making a point of it showing a clip of him bouncing the ball of off his head unintentionally. F-THEM!

  4. Brian Adams on said:

    Next to Flacco to Jones in Denver, my favorite play is Ray Lewis grabbing the ball out of Eddie George’s hands and running it back for a TD, against the Titans in the 2000 playoffs.

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