FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Ravens Draft History Round 7


We’ve gone over how the Ravens have fared in rounds one through six in their history, and though there were some busts along the way, the team has certainly, for the most part, strategically found players to build a franchise around.

However, there’s no hiding from busts as fans will always point out “what could have been” when front offices make mistakes. The seventh round can be a brutal one, and for the Baltimore Ravens, it hasn’t exactly been profitable. Let’s remember teams don’t expect players they take here to be stars, starters, or even make the team. They hope to get lucky every now and again though. A 7th-round pick can never really be a “bust.”

With that in mind, here’s a quick recap of the team’s history in the final round.


Despite having 10 picks during this span, just one player turned out. Ralph Staten, the team’s third pick of the 1997 seventh round, make a slight impact for a few seasons. He played as a backup and as a spot-starter, and actually had five interceptions over the span of two years. After 1998, Staten didn’t hang around and ultimately never played in the NFL again. In 2013, he was arrested for DUI after a police chase.

Others who didn’t pan out: DT Cam Quayle, QB Jon Stark, QB Wes Pate


Throughout this time, the Ravens were only able to draft one more notable player - guard Brian Rimpf. He played in several games for the Ravens, most notably in 2005 where he got a significant amount of snaps up front. After two seasons with the Ravens, however, he wasn’t able to find a home anywhere else in the NFL.

Others who didn’t pan out: LB Ryan LaCasse, WR Derek Abney, TE Trent Smith


The Ravens only had two seventh-round picks during the initial phase of the Joe Flacco era, WR Justin Harper from Virginia Tech and RB Allen Patrick from Oklahoma. Both were potential offensive weapons, but neither was able to contribute in the regular season. The team kept Harper around for a bit as a potential big playmaker for Flacco’s offense, but he never thrived as the team clearly thought he would. In 2009 and 2010, the team didn’t have a seventh round pick.


The Ravens took Anthony Allen in 2011, and he actually hung around for a bit as a backup/security blanket option for the Ravens. In 2012, the team, in my mind, struck gold when they took DeAngelo Tyson out of Georgia. Tyson is a playmaker by nature and has performed very well in a backup role. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get significant playing time in 2014.

As for CB Marc Anthony in 2013, he never made the roster after being selected 247th overall. The team kept WR Aaron Mellette around last year, and he will have his chance to impress in the pre-season and training camp yet again. He’ll need to provide a legitimate case that he’s worth a roster spot with so many other weapons around him.

DRAFT NOTE: Why would the Ravens draft a receiver this year? The free agent pool is going to be stacked, and think of the depth chart. None of the top four (T. Smith, S. Smith, Brown, Jones) are in danger of missing the 53-man roster, right? Dennis Pitta and Owen Daniels will make the squad, and the team will have a whole bunch of running backs vying for spots as well. At receiver, why are we forgetting about Aaron Mellette and Deonte Thompson? Both have very strong potential of making the 53. Aren’t there more needs to be filled? Don’t be shocked if the team doesn’t take a receiver with any of their selections this year.

Should the Ravens take a WR at all in the 2014 Draft?
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7 Raves on “FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Ravens Draft History Round 7

  1. Unibomber on said:

    Why draft a receiver? Because it may be the area on the team that we have invested the absolute least in. Torrey is our highest pick at the position currently on the team. Behind him we have a couple free agent signings: Jacoby is a dangerous playmaker but has never had good production in his career, Smith Sr. is still very good but his career is coming to an end; along with a couple undrafted guys, and I really like Marlon Brown but we should have never had to rely on him as a #2 in his rookie season, Deonte is one of those speed guys who will always be on the bubble. So we take our status quo which was a huge weakness last year, add an old vet nearing the end of his career and then toss the position to the backburner? No way Jose.

  2. Rxdoxx on said:

    You have an aversion to Anthony Poindexter?
    7th round 1999, spent a year on IR which we knew his knee would cause.
    Played in 10 games on ST in 2000 (one forced fumble) …. released after the Super Bowl

    He was a flyer… if he had recovered fully, we had a steal…. still we got as much or more value for him than the misses you mention (“Others who didn’t pan out: DT Cam Quayle, QB Jon Stark, QB Wes Pate”)

  3. omar on said:

    from now on, we should only sign UDFA’s, no more drafting WRs, we’re not good with it , with the exception of Torrey,

  4. Thomas Onorato on said:

    I agree with you wide reciver doesnt make sense. I truely believe that Marlon Brown is our future with Torrey Smith. Steve Smith Sr. Will be fine for two more years and so will Jacoby Jones. I hope Lewan falls to us if not trade back. If we trade back get Jimmy Ward he is a natural center fielder like Reed. Now he is now were near Reed but has that style and will be a perfect fit. I dont think Dix or Pryor fit our team like Ward. Again if Lewan isnt there take the RT from Tennesse. He is a really solid RT. With all the other picks start taking best player avavliable to add depth and competition. I also want to get a QB. I really like Flacco but we need someone to groom. Last thing I hope Kubiak stays around awhile. I think he is a good OC. May take a yr or so to get his sysytem fully going but he is a good OC.

  5. cHERI on said:

    Joe did you inner your best Mike Preston in you with that last part about all these weapons and not needing to draft a WR? WOW WOW WOW WOW..Seriously you said this in jest to get people to respond.You either said that or are looking for commet hits because well hell yea they need to get a wr and maybe even two and not just a wr but a wr in the first round or two..Now that I blew off my steam I still love your work.. :)

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