Former Steeler fan John Simon “burned” his Terrible Towel

John Simon

There are many die-hard sports fans out there, but few and far between actually possess the talent to have a chance to professionally play for their favorite franchise. On the flip side, that means they also have the chance to play for someone they grew up rooting against for most of their childhood.

This is the story of John Simon, a fourth-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens and childhood Pittsburgh Steelers die-hard.

“I really didn’t have a choice, I was born into it,” Simon said, trying his best to make it clear he didn’t want to offend any of the Ravens faithful. “I always respected the Ravens because they were always almost the same team [as the Steelers].”

It may be difficult for a Ravens fan to stomach, but Simon is a former owner of one of Myron Cope’s Terrible Towels. He assures us that not only his towel, but every other piece of Steelers paraphernalia has since been removed from his home since being drafted by the Ravens in in April.

“Burned them. They’re all gone,” Simon said in reference to his towel.

With Simon on the Ravens payroll to the tune of a four-year, $2.5 million deal, he certainly has an obligation to the franchise and he did everything possible in our discussion to make that perfectly clear. Simon also stressed that his family has since shed their allegiance to the black and gold.

“I hope not, because I’m their son,” Simon laughingly said when asked about if his family would possibly keep their allegiance to the Steelers. ”They’re Ravens fans now. I hope they’re going to root for wherever I go and cheer me on. That’s what they’ve done their whole lives and I appreciate them for that.”

Though, don’t expect Simon’s family to march into Heinz Field dressed head to toe in Ravens jerseys and purple camouflage pants. According to Simon, they’re not scared – just bland.

“I don’t know if my family is a bunch of big jersey-wearers,” he said. “We’re very bland, maybe just a Ravens logo on the chest or something. Whatever they want, I’ll try to accommodate it.”

Most Ravens fans, including myself, have practically crucified fans for being fair-weather and jumping on the bandwagon of a championship team. With Simon and his family, we should all certainly understand his situation and welcome them to Charm City with open arms – even if you want to hurl knowing that a potential Ravens pass rushing superstar has twirled a Terrible Towel around his head a time or two.

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49 Raves on “Former Steeler fan John Simon “burned” his Terrible Towel

  1. cbay52 on said:

    So we got an ex-Browns fan and ex-Steelers fan both in the same round? Need an ex-Bengal fan and we’ll get the hat trick.

  2. Here We Go Again on said:

    “I always respected the Ravens because they were always almost the same team [as the Steelers].” Well, it’s good to know the Ravens were always *almost* the same team [as the Steelers].

      • Rumor Ray on said:

        TO LOL FYI … The first Fans to wave anything at a game was Baltimore COLT Fans! Back in the days when fans wore Suits and Ties to the games. Men had white handkerchiefs and would wave them to show support. The Steeler fans are following a Baltimore Tradition. Know your facts before you TROLL other sites. Thank You and “DON’T BE A JERK”

        • chuck on said:

          A portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Terrible Towel(TM) benefits Allegheny Valley School in Pittsburgh, one of the largest providers of care for people with mental retardation in the state of Pennsylvania

    • Rocketman on said:

      Towels are so dumb that the Ravens keep trying to hand purple one out at games. Real men don’t wear purple!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    I sure he knows everyone who has disrespected the towel has had bad shit happen to them!! I doubt he burned it! Cause hes knows what will happen! He probably stored it somwhere!!!

    • LOL on said:

      And we know his parents are still Steelers fans.. on the inside. Once a fan, ALWAYS a fan. It is born into us. Black and Gold — I luv ya !

        • Rumor Ray on said:

          However, Most so called “true fans” of the stillers have no idea of the history of the team. Unless you live in Pittsburgh you should not call yourself a “true Fan”. Due to the uncapped game and the championships in the 70s the fan base grew nationwide in areas that had no local team. Since the team was able to stay successful most seasons since those fans children stayed fans. However, when I talk to these “true fans” who bleed black and gold or “yellow” I have always found little knowledge of the team. Trust me … you all can keep that blood ….

  4. ed on said:

    Such stupid people… And if your career with the Ravens doesn’t pan out and the Steelers are interested, do you than cry foul? You just shown me, you’re pretty stupid

  5. Got blood on said:

    Screw the damn RatBirds. He’ll be wishing he never burned the towel when he’s sitting on the couch with the rest of his family watching the Big Bad Steelers claim ring #7

  6. Money Talks on said:

    Let’s get one thing straight…its all about the $$$$. Think he’d go to the Steelers if they offered him less? Doubt it….

  7. Michael on said:

    Nothing but respect for the Ravens. As a Steelers fan, I look forward to the games against the Ravens. Two of the best games in the entire season….by any of the teams. See you this fall….

  8. captain dobey on said:

    Hahaha, curse of the TT – it aint nothing but a meaningless tale. Just remember how it was stressed when rice had it around his head – the curse would strike him and/or ravens. Ultimately, in the superdome the curse revealed its true nature – put some rings on some fingers.

  9. lil' wayne of gb md on said:

    ravens org. are the # 1 in the business . 2 super bowls ,5years of play off football .simon says see ya steeler nation.

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