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  1. So What's Next for the wizard of Oz?

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    This man truely amazes me every year what he can do with a salary cup. You can truely tell players love playing here and take cuts to play here. In saying that, What does everyone think our next FA move is? Is there any quality Center's, TE's or FS's available?

    My other question as i'm watching the FA ticker on NFL network, Why don't we kick the tires on a few of these RB if we can get them cheap especially Blount. We need a bruiser RB like there's no tomorrow I truely miss the pound
  2. I want an investigation

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    There will be an investigation. The state of LA isn't going to be awarded another Super Bowl anytime soon after this. That's hundreds of millions of dollars they will lose out on. Someone is going to pay because of that.
    They're calling it the Blackout Bowl in NY-lol.

    NO is calling it an abnormality-lol.

    It was something with the circuit breaker and it took a while to
    investigate it.

    No shit. NO has spent a lot of money fixing ...
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