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  1. Cary Williams to Philadelphia

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    man so thats 7 starters now, We are offically in rebuilding mode.
    This year's draft is very deep with defensive talent. And we have 12 picks.

    Ozzie knows exactly what he is doing. Enjoy being champions for a year while we reload.
    Carey played well down the stretch. If Philly loved Nnamndi they are gonna just cheerish Mr 15 yards off the ball Carey Williams. That's a tough crowd, I wish him luck he is gonna need it
  2. Why is everyone up in arms about rebuilding the defense?

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    FYI, we show a lot of 4 man fronts, and in certain games, we play nearly every snap with 4 man fronts (in almost every Patriot game, we barely ever go into a 3-4 base defense).

    The Ravens defense is as complex and hybrid as they come, which is why younger players have typically struggled early on playing in it.
    Did we ever run Upshaw as DE on front 4 looks?

    I was thinking potentially
    Suggs - Ngata - Jones - Canty

    Nickel ...
  3. per pfc...ravens sign canty

    Per pfc, Ravens sign Canty.
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    If that holds up, it'll be the best news for the Ravens today. A solid veteran to shore up the D-line. Ozzie will patiently wait a bit and sign some other good players who will be there to guide the plethora of young players we'll have on our team this season. How do they develop if you don't give them a chance? I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how players like McAdoo and Adrian Hamilton will look.
  4. Interesting.....Chiefs release Eric Winston

    There are rumors of him being injured.

    The chiefs are also doing a good job pissing off Albert. He insists he is LT only.
  5. Flacco Agrees To Deal, Will Sign on Monday

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    Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer

    Again, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco has agreed to terms on a new deal with the Ravens. He will sign it Monday. Waiting on terms

    Nothing on Sunspot yet. They'll break the story about 9:00pm.
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