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  1. Billy Cundiff appreciation threat

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    This is sad. Cundiff did well in 2010, and did a passable job last year despite playing with an injured calf at the end of the year. He also made 11 of 12 FG's in the playoffs. You're seriously bummed; fine, so was I. But I didn't think Ravens' fans treated players this way. As Sam Wyche once said to unruly fans, "You don't live in Cleveland".

    Very eye-opening, and very disappointing.
    There are some players as fans you can overlook things like these, but after ...
  2. Flacco has the 'it' factor now

    Alot of people downplayed the Caldwell hire saying stuff like "he coached Manning and Peyton doesn't need coaching". Any person who has played sports know that having a good coach is a huge asset. I really think caldwell is helping joe a ton and I think it's showing so far.
  3. Ryan Clark only hates the Ravens twice a year

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    I'm so sick of hearing about Ryan Clark. I swear he gets more media attention than Ed Reed, solely because he plays for one of the media's favorite teams (the guy wasn't good enough for the Redskins for crying out he's a pro bowler? Meanwhile, Chris Hope was a "pro bowler" with the Steelers, he goes to the Titans and we never hear about him again...Because like Clark, he was all media hype because he played for the Steelers).

    He always says he doesn't
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  4. Left tackle options in 2013.

    There are some interesting options too look at in terms of left tackles in 2013. I'm not talking about Jake Long who will be a FA, he will totally be out of our reach. However there are some other solid options that we could probably afford. This is assuming that Bryant McKinnie is not extended or doesn't stay with us after 2012.

    Duane Brown (6'4, 320 lbs):
    I really like this guy, he has been an excellent tackle in that crazy ZBS that the Texans run, he has paved the way for ...
  5. Rumours: Ravens offer a third round pick for Osi

    Imagine a front four on passing downs of


    That would be rediculous. Aint gonna happen, but one can dream.
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