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    4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    I really like Harbs and don't rag him much except for clock management, but this was a stupid move. In a low scoring slug fest you take the points, especially at the 13 yard line. Who knows what would have happened had the Ravens gotten 3 there instead of 0, but it is likely that the contest would have been tied when the Ravens started their last drive in regulation and that they would have marched down the field for the winning field goal then instead of sending the game to OT. It also would have meant that 4th and 29 would not have been such a huge deal as the game would have likely been tied.

    Not only did Harbs nearly cost the game, but he forced his players to play extra time, risking injury. Bad move. But it all worked out in the end. But he shouldn't have done that.

    Ray Ray saved Harbs' ass today.

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    I have no problem with going for it on 4th and 1 with how the game was going, but it's ridiculous to not have Rice in the game in that situation. I know Pierce is supposedly a "big back" or whatever, and he's been good in his limited role, but if I'm going for it, I'm going for it with my best offensive player on the field. Not that the end result was any fault of Pierce, just don't understand the logic in going with anyone but your best player in such a crucial situation.

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    I had more of a problem with the 3&1 QB sneak. It was so obvious to the entire viewing audience what play was coming when the Ravens were walking up to the line of scrimmage. I do agree we should have taken the 3 points because they were hard to come by and have been whenever we are on the road.

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    I'll never criticize a coach for being too aggressive in that situation, especially because coaches are typically waaaaay too conservative when it comes to 4th down. That said, good lord, what crappy plays on both 3rd and 4th down.

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    Don't get me started lol...that and playing for the FG at the end of regulation. But we won so it was one of the things the team overcame.

    Got to give the team credit.
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    I thought playing for the FG at the end was fine - we took one shot deep, wasn't there so we made sure to set up the most make able kick possible.

    But the 4th and 1 we should have kicked there no doubt.

    Agree the QB sneak sucks. We aren't getting the blocking on short yardage runs no matter who carries (eg Pierce stuffed in the backfield even running behind Leach) so it's time to open up a little , slip Leach and/or Pitta out in the flat or something.
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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    The QB sneak was a bad spot, imo. It looked to me like Flacco's forward progress made the first down. I didn't have a problem with the call, and would have preferred they run it again when it was 4 and inches. If Flacco can't get 8 inches behind Yanda...well, we're screwed.

    That decision to go for it showed faith in the defense, imo. You've got them deep in their own territory, and you're banking that if you don't get the first down they'll get you the ball back with it still being a one score game. It didn't quite work out that way, but it did work out.

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    I have no problem at all with the 4th and 1 call.

    In fact, it may have helped us get the win. It can be argued that SD does not let us march down the field as easily as we did if they are only up 7 (vs. the 10 they were up) with less than a half a quarter left to play. The fact they were up 2 scores seemed to get them into the always-dubious prevent mode whereby getting beat deep is guarded against at the expense of a steady and somewhat time consuming drive.

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    did anyone see the late hit on flacco on the qb sneak????
    how was that not called UGH

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    did anyone see the late hit on flacco on the qb sneak????
    how was that not called UGH
    It all comes back around. Boldin flattened weddle on the rice play....

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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    My only problem with going for it there was the fact they did not just simply use Joe again. Thought he got it the first time and got a bad spot IMO.

    On a side note, I am sure they practice that play but they need to practice it some more. Joe is tall, solid and should not have any problem getting those type of yardages. Just saying, they almost look uncomfortable doing it.
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    Re: 4th and 1 in 3rd with 34 seconds

    Ray Ray played i this game? I saw him pumping people up on the sidelines....bit not sure he was out there?

    Sorry, only one Ray Ray to me.

    Seriously though, I thought we cured some of short yardage issues this year, today was like a flashback.


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