First, a caveat: He's obviously not a lock at this moment in his career. In order for any of this to be relevant, he has to continue these trends for at least another 5 seasons, and preferably 10+ more seasons.

However... it is interesting to note:

The only quarterbacks to have as many or more playoff wins as Flacco, and as good or better of a passer rating in those wins, are:

Joe Montana - 16 Wins - 105.4 QB Rating
Brett Favre - 13 Wins - 107.3 QB Rating
Troy Aikman - 11 Wins - 109.2 QB Rating
Kurt Warner - 9 Wins - 110.0 QB Rating
Peyton Manning - 9 Wins - 104.3 QB Rating
Bart Starr - 8 Wins - 108.6 QB Rating
Steve Young - 8 Wins - 105.0 QB Rating
Eli Manning - 8 Wins - 100.1 QB Rating
Dan Marino - 8 Wins - 99.6 QB Rating

And then there's our boy:

Joe Flacco - 8 Wins - 98.7 QB Rating

First, a note on Bart Starr: His actually has credit for 9 wins, but I was being fair to everybody else and taking away his 1965 game against the Baltimore Colts where he was injured out of the game on the very first play. Frankly, he shouldn't get credit for that win.

Now, One thing I notice about that company is that all of them are either in the Hall of Fame (Montana, Young, Aikman, Starr, Marino), or absolute Hall of Fame locks (Favre, Warner, P. Manning, E. Manning), with the exception of Joe Flacco and Eli Manning.

Eli Manning has made a pretty good case for himself to get in some day, as well. Could Flacco be on pace to make a similar case?

By the way, the other QBs with as many or more play-off wins as Flacco (but with a lower QB Rating in those wins) are:

Tom Brady - 17 Wins - 93.8 QB Rating
John Elway - 14 Wins - 88.0 QB Rating
Terry Bradshaw - 14 Wins - 96.0 QB Rating
Roger Staubach - 12 Wins - 92.8 QB Rating
Ben Roethlisberger - 10 Wins - 88.2 QB Rating
Donovan McNabb - 9 Wins - 92.3 QB Rating
Jim Kelly - 9 Wins - 85.9 QB Rating
Jim Plunkett - 8 Wins - 88.6 QB Rating

First, a note on Staubach: he actually only has credit for 11 wins, but I'm being fair to him and including his stats and the win from the 1972 Divisional game against San Francisco, which he didn't start, but he came off the bench with 2 minutes left, down by 12, and won the game.

Now, Once again, that's some pretty grand company. You've got your Hall of Famers (Elway, Bradshaw, Staubach, Kelly), and your absolute Hall of Fame lock (Brady). Then of course you've got Roethlisberger, who may get in some day, and Donovan McNabb, who at one point in his career looked like a shoe-in, but after a drawn-out fade-out to end his career, may not be in the conversation anymore. Jim Plunkett is still in the conversation, and may still get in some day. If he doesn't, it's because he never had long-term success and wasn't good in the regular season. Obviously, there's also the matter that these three guys haven't been as instrumental to the win in their post-season victories as Flacco has been, as evidenced by their lower passer ratings in those games.

So accounting for all 17 players in NFL history with as much or more post-season success as Flacco, all but 4 are Hall of Fame guarantees. That's fantastic company, especially considering that 2 of those remaining 4 also have a good chance to go in some day, and the other 2 are on the fringes of the conversation, and 3 of the 4 who aren't locks were not as instrumental to their post-season successes for their teams as Flacco has been for the Ravens.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... Flacco has been building himself a nice little career here, that at its current trajectory, if we are fortunate enough for him to continue it, looks set for a ride all the way into Canton.