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I kind of laugh at the play where Brady threw it away instead of "running for an easy first down". Ngata may be 340 lbs but he ran the 40 .29 seconds fast than brady and was closing fast. Brady made the right decision to toss it up, he just didnt give it the best effort as far as stepping into it. He would have had to fake or stiff arm Ngata to get that first, imo, and that wasnt happening.

I think Kaepernick is fast enough to misjudge Ngata somewhat and still be able to get away with it personally. Only way Ngata gets him is if we force him to stay in the pocket and Ngata collapses it with him having nowhere to go. That should be the game plan but i doubt hes in a position during the game to chase down Kaepernick.
But RG3 is faster than Kap - he was still hurt. Just saying...