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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    If she can't respect a man's love and passion for football, I suggest getting a new wife. Seriously. She sounds degrading and annoying as hell.

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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    My advice is get a good divorce lawyer. Seriously she's acting like a child.

    I'm glad my GF loves football and the Ravens as much as I do. I got tickets to the Colts game for her bday. Win-Win for me. lol

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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    Yes, I think it's time to move on. She sounds like she sucks and even her friends don't like her.

    Make sure you extracate any Ravens memorabilia, children and anything else you care about before telling her though. And probably best to not do it on Facebook. Tweeting is faster.

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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    The problem is not that she doesn't like football or that she was angry at you. The problem is that she displayed a lack of understanding of the boundaries of the marriage relationship. Marriage is based on trust and intimacy; trashing you publicly and harping on it with her "friends" destroys both. Boundaries must be respected.

    Put some time and effort into learning "how to fight fair" (here is a good article) and remember that your marriage comes first--before everything else, including your fandom and your friends. This is the person you promised you would be with all the days of your life. Fix it now. There are lots of good resources for marriage help on the internet, but choose carefully.

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    Here is what I would post, "since you disrespect your HUSBAND in the public, and don't respect me or my passion.... I have gotten you a valentines day present. Customized just for you. Divorce papers. "

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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    I wasted 10 years of my prime on someone like that. Multiple separations, constant arguing. My second wife and I have been married for 21 years. We both love Football and Baseball and we don't trash each other, especially in public. Don't waste your life on someone who cares that little about you.
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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    For those of you who are advocating divorce...marriage is a commitment you make for, presumably, life. A lifelong commitment for better or for worse. I believe in couples doing everything in their power to work through their issues which every married couple has from time to time. I'm not saying every marriage is a match made in heaven but it is a mutual promise made and every care must be taken to preserve it. Sometimes divorce is necessary but it should be an absolute last resort. Divorce affects more than just the married affects the children, friends and the entire families on both sides. I'm sure some of you are throwing it out there in a light-hearted, sarcastic way or at least I hope you are. Maybe the wife doesn't see or understand how she sounds or comes across to others. Maybe she doesn't realize those civil and marital boundaries. Yes, she sounds childish and immature in her public rantings but we should at least give her the benefit of the doubt instead of telling the OP to divorce her.

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    Are you sure you're 'taking care' of her? Cuz that usually fixes everything
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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    Quote Originally Posted by darb72 View Post
    How the hell can you be married to someone who doesn't like football?

    My wife: has a first cousin who played for the Bengals in their second Super Bowl, two other cousins who played DI football, four uncles who are coaches and a husband who played college ball.

    The first time I said I loved her was during a Ravens game. I screamed at the TV, "Why don't you run a screen pass?!" She calmly looks at me and says, "Because your offensive linemen aren't athletic enough to get out in front of the running-back."
    What's the name of your wife's cousin? I was a Bengals fan during those years and remember that team very well. He wasn't known for his shuffling was he?
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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    Quote Originally Posted by clangjr View Post
    I went to the stadium for the celebration. It was essentially my lunch break. I worked on the way to the stadium, I worked on the way out of the stadium. My wife is pissed, so she childishly posts the following on facebook. I need an AWESOME retort for FB as we are not speaking right now.

    Wife: So apparently I am married to one of the 100,000 dumb a$$' in Baltimore. Super proud moment!
    Friend 1: Was it for yesterday?
    Wife: Yes! I. AM. LIVID!!!
    Friend 1: I thought he gave up trying to get downtown? did he manage to get to baltimore?
    Friend 2: Why are you mad?
    Wife: Because he is a total embarrassment to society. Sat there listening to me talk about the trash that went downtown to skirt responsibility and teach their kids that stupid SH!T is more important than real life!
    Friend 3: <---trash ! It was an amazing family moment for us though and that is priceless! Addy's teacher told me to do it when I discussed it with her. She took her kids to the 1983 O's world series championship parade and her grown kids still remember that day with her. Guess I can say, the teacher talked me into it!
    Friend 1: <---trash, too! (Who was even saving a seat for your dear husband . With Ron arriving that morning from NO, we too decided it would be a special moment to have together as a family, one that doesn't come around often. Personally, I didn't think it was nearly as bad as a school year trip to Disney, in which the kids missed multiple days of school to go to a place that is open 365 days a year. That was a lot of responsibility skirted, just to see a big mouse But, we rolled with it, and cherished the time together. Life is short, and sometimes it's the unique experiences that have the greatest impact as you grow older. I don't regret it.
    Wife: Justify it as you wish but how would you have felt if Adelyn was having a serious asthma attack, gasping for breath and you called 911 and it took an hour for an ambulance because half if the drivers were at the stadium? My husband is an ass!
    I would respond with an envelope for Valentine's Day with instructions inside on how to remove the stick out of her ass, because it sounds like she needs it.
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    Re: I need some help for my football hating wife

    Find something that she is passionate about and point out ways that it is "a bad example for the kids". Then post it on Facebook. lol


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