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    Re: Pittsburgh's March Massacre

    Their cap is in bad shape. I HOPE they play the shell game and keep the old vets and restructure deals, but I seeing them cutting alot of bait. Most of that defense is on the wrong side of 30. But, they did finish FIRST in defense and will always have a top 10 defense as long as Dick LeBeau is DC. As far as thier draft class of 2012, it grades as an imcomplete: losing thier first 3 picks to injury was freakish. I never count out LeBeau and Big Ben even though challenges are up ahead.

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    Re: Pittsburgh's March Massacre

    Was listening to SiriusNFL this morning and they used the figure "currently $23M over the cap" when referencing Pitt
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    Re: Pittsburgh's March Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBKistler View Post
    You mean all the young players that made just about every big play in the playoffs? That youth movement?
    Exactly. They see Ray retiring and Reed a free agent and assume the Ravens are gutting the team. The Bengals will compete for the division just like they did this year. I don't see a window opening for them though.
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