It'll be interesting to see what we do at WR...Hard to cut any of the current guys, but I've heard a few people thinking we'd draft another WR who would get a bit more separation.

Deonte may be a cut, he was inactive a WHOLE lot this year, seems like he might be in the doghouse?

As far as the draft, I see holes at FB (assuming Leach is cut, we need a back who can do it in goal line. Unless the TE you list is more an H-back?), WR, TE (good blocker, would go hand in hand with FB need), OT, NT/DT, ILB, S. I know we never go need, but if Reed and McKinnie don't return, LT and S become MUCH bigger priorities. I don't think we have a strong NT anywhere on the roster, so hopefully we can find Cody's eventual replacement there.