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Thread: Hello All.

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    Hello All.

    Just another member of the Ravens flock. No not bandwagon !!! Just didnt realize this was out here even though I checked on the stories for a while.

    Looking forward to seeing what OZ has in store with our 12 draft picks (DeAnre Hopkins hopefully) and seeing the new look young Ravens next year.

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    Re: Hello All.

    Welcome to the boards!

    "It is not how you play the game that matters... It is Winning The Super Bowl that counts"... Rumor Ray

    Baltimore Has 9 Pro Football Championships!
    Baltimore Colts [NFL] in 1958, 1959, 1968, and 1970
    Baltimore Stars [USFL] in 1985
    Baltimore Stallions [CFL] in 1995
    Baltimore Ravens [NFL] in 2000 and 2012
    Baltimore Mariners [AIFA] in 2010


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