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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    Man, I picked the wrong week to go on vacation with no wi-fi....

    So, can anyone help catch me up on the following...

    Pitta is out, but Dickson is looking better than ever...Buying or Selling? Just seems like spin by people who WANT to see him do better...Also, heard Furstenburg is looking better than Shiancoe?

    Is anyone expecting Jacoby/Doss/Thompson opens Week 1 as our 2nd starting WR? Starting to seem like it's not working out as hoped.

    How is Arthur Brown doing? Seen some reports he's bottom of the depth chart, but also hearing he's getting better by the day...

    Anyone want to put money down that Ihedigbo starts over Elam? Heard he's been doing well, but just can't see it happening.

    Did I miss something? Why is B-Dubs listed as a DE, not NT?
    Dickson had 54 catches two seasons ago. The arrow was pointing up for him. Last year he was banged up and Pitta became a really good TE cutting down on his targets. He did play much better and had good production after Caldwell took over. I definitely do not think it is spin with him. Doesn't surprise me on Furst.

    Where are you hearing the #2 wr is not working out as hoped? There has been positive news on all three. Nothing really negative been said about the potential WRs. Ozzie said something about speed on the outside would put pressure on the defense to cover the whole field. I anticipate them using the #2 wr like they used Torrey early in his career. They will use Jones and Thompson to keep the safeties back.

    Have not heard much about Brown or the linebackers. Heard good things about Elam and Ihedibo. If Elam learns the defense and is ready he should overtake him.

    Would not read too much in BW's roster listing now. They have Ngata and Cody listed as 1 and 2 but from early reports Cody may not make the roster. BW has a good shot at being the backup NT on opening day.

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    The positives:
    Dickson is good, but he doesn't fully have Joe's trust yet. He's faster than Pitta so hopefully Caldwell will exploit that

    Caldwell is implementing 3 receiver sets and will actually use them in a game, unlike his predecessor.

    Thompson and Doss are unproven, but that's a good thing because the first 3-4 games will be tough to game plan against them.

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    This is a contract year for Dickson. All he has to do it look at what the payoff was for Kruger, Ellerbe and Cary Williams. Instead of playing second fiddle to Pitta he can be the man. Dickson has all the opportunity and motivation for a huge year. Will he be able to take advantage of it? Honestly I think he will.
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    iggyman555 Guest

    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    is there a feed for todays practice?

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    is there a feed for todays practice?
    They did last year, but I don't see it this year... Thinking it was too much trouble as feed went in and out... Boo!

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    A few observations from Navy Marine Corps Memorial...

    Dickson got dinged and did not participate in full 1 on 1's.

    Tucker hitting 50 yards easily. Barely short on 58 and 64.

    Deonte is good at creating on short routes from the slot.

    Gino vs. Canty was mostly Canty.

    JJ12 screwed Jimmy into the ground on a post corner.

    Nothing from Furstenberg or Juice. No targets that I've seen.

    Mellette has terrific hands. Still doesn't separate but if he can develop that skill over time... look out.

    I'd like to see Marlon Brown PS'd. I love his size.

    T-Mobile to Mellette on a beautiful go route from the 30. Pro bowl throw by Taylor.

    Streeter drops an easy uncontested slant.

    Tucker hits the crossbar on a 62 yarder.

    Lots of flags on the non-slot CBs. Defensive holding and PI.
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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Furstenberg is in with the 3's exclusively. I guess with Dickson gimped a bit (nothing major), Shiancoe had been running souble duty with 1's and 2's... along with Billy.

    Streeter with a nice corner route grab.
    Back to the AFCCG we go. So get ready!

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    I have a good feeling about Mellette.

    The Ravens are due a late round receiver to finally pan out.
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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Time for me to give up on Streeter. Shame.

    I saw a tweet that said Marlon Brown is getting some run with the 2's...pretty impressive for an UDFA in year one.

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Thanks for the reports BigPlay.

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by BigPlayReceiver View Post

    Mellette has terrific hands. Still doesn't separate but if he can develop that skill over time... look out.
    That sounds awfully familiar

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    Re: Training Camp 2013 Thread

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown 2m
    Marlon Brown has only been practicing for three days now. He's been with the second team while Tommy Streeter has been with the third team.

    Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks
    Ravens WR group has a ton of speed... Smith, Jones and Thompson can fly. Interested to see who will be RZ go-to-guy. That's my concern.

    Daniel Jeremiah ‏@MoveTheSticks
    Balt front 7 is impressive. Daryl Smith is a rock solid addition. Canty is a perfect 5 tech. Dumervil/Suggs provide pass rush
    Balltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    All the 60-yard-plus kicks Justin Tucker's making at Owings Mills are falling short today. Just missed from 63. #OffDay

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Tyrod Taylor to Aaron Mellette for a TD during 2-minute drill. Mellette's having a good practice today.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    No sign of Ed Dickson on the sideline. Hasn't been on the field in a while either.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Justin Tucker's booming his FGs deep, but just misses from 65. Followed it by just missing from 68. Both were real close.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Visanthe Shiancoe and A.Q. Shipley getting some time with the first-team right now.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Marc Anthony flagged for pass interference on LaQuan Williams. Williams had a chance at what would've been a spectacular catch.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Second-team receivers, without David Reed at practice, are LaQuan Williams, Aaron Mellette and Marlon Brown.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Torrey Smith with a nice adjustment on a ball from Joe Flacco in coverage. Came down with a catch, drew praise from the fans.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Tyrod Taylor just ran a read-option play. Doubtful that becomes a staple of the #Ravens playbook moving forward.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Jacoby Jones just shook Jimmy Smith inside, to which Smith fell for. Jones then had a wide open TD. Smith showed class and gave Jones a five

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Tommy Streeter came down with a tough grab in one-on-ones. His pattern was a post, had to jump, reach high for it.

    Baltimore Beatdown ‏@BMoreBeatdown
    Aaron Mellette had his man deep in one-on-one drills but dropped what should have been a TD from Joe Flacco.


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