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    Re: Monday Night Football

    And the chargers are punting with the game tied. They're really pissing this one away!

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    This is looking like a demoralizing collaspe for SD.

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    Way to piss it away SD.
    "I got this." - Justin Tucker

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    24 unanswered points by the Texans as SD snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    I can't wait to see the Texans choke in the playoffs again.

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    Brian Cushing is awesome.

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    Quote Originally Posted by s.r.genovese View Post
    I know fans here liked to shit on Cary but having him here would have certainly pushed Graham nicely down the depth chart.
    I dont think theres any question, despite some fans dislike for him. He played a pretty great game last night. Sadly even if he keeps up this play ill hear his name added to the long list of Ravens that suck after they leave us.

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    Graham had a hell of a season last year and was tasked with covering one of the quickest and most savvy route runners in the NFL. I was disappointed in Graham, but I was more disappointed in Dean Pees because that is a piss poor match up and everyone knew it. As soon as they moved Webb over to Welker, he didn't produce nearly as much.

    I am hoping that Graham can get back on track.

    I can't wait for Asa to get back though. He looked like the real deal to me.
    For the Team's sake I hope he does. were kind of relying on him. Seems he was suppose to be our slot corner allowing web to work the outside more. Welker may be one of the best, but thats going to be a routine all year to face a quick route runner. They cant all be Brandon Stokelys ().

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag View Post
    People forget the times that Cary bit on double moves or got burned by WRs last year. It happened about half the time.
    I believe Cary was the one that played "10 yards deep and allowed every first down" not the guy that bit on double moves and allowed big plays. That was Jimmy, who at least looked improved in that area Thurs.
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    Re: Monday Night Football

    Graham had a bad game, but he was very good last year, not sure why he's getting crapped on so much. It's not like most of the secondary wasn't garbage on Thursday.

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    Re: Monday Night Football

    Since MNF is done and this thread seems to be moving into the Cary Williams vs Corey Graham territory...I'm going to go ahead and close it.
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