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    Re: Terrific Ozzie article

    Nice hat, Pewter. (slightly o/t) I just came back from 3 weeks wearing its double in most of my out-in-public hours around Prague & the western Balkans. And it's still too effing small. (I was wearing that hat & a gray "Super Bowl Champions" tee shirt on the main square in Kotor & spotted a guy off one of the cruise ships in port in a Raiders hat & tee. I walked up to him & said "It's always a pleasure to see a true fan representing" & we both had a good laugh. Turns out he was from northern Alberta, but a dyed in the wool black&silver fanatic nonetheless. I told him he should come over to the Dark Side & we both laughed about that...)

    FWIW that is a great article & represents some real dedicated legwork from Bedard digging up so much on a guy who's so private. And it seems to underscore something I pointed out to one of our brethren recently: Anyone who smells desperation emanating from this franchise has a bum sniffer. Oz never acts out of desperation--because Oz is never desperate.

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    Re: Terrific Ozzie article

    Quote Originally Posted by Rxdoxx View Post
    I went searching, could find nothing.

    In the HOF there are people listed as both being player and being coach...
    most were inducted near the start of the HOF itself
    And the list is "oldsters"

    AFAIK, there has never been a situation where a person has been elected to the HOF and then goes on to produce HOF worthy accomplishments in a non-player category.

    The List of players/coaches
    Ray Flaherty
    George Halas
    Walt Kiesling
    Earl "Curly" Lambeau
    Alphonse "Tuffy" Leemans
    Wayne Millner
    Ernie Nevers
    Steve Owen
    Fritz Pollard
    Joe Stydahar
    Jim Thorpe

    Ozzie is still young enough to add to the resume... interesting question to consider.... think he still has to add some more years to be "Bill Walsh-like" but he is one man that could do it if it would be allowed.
    Thanks. Great post.

    He has several "firsts" already so it could be done and with this team he should get at
    least 1 more ring.

    The ROH is a given but local. HOF is national and world wide recognition.

    And thanks for doing my homework for me-lol.

    I met Oz at camp. I was sitting behind the fence before the practice game when it was
    still on Fri nights in Westminister and was there real early. I had my SB35 hat on with Billick's signature and many from the SB 35 team. I looked up and Oz was walking straight
    past me. I said, Oz, can you sign my hat for me and he smiled and signed it. I'm looking
    at it in my man cave now.

    Later I got Jim Fassel's sign when he walked by going up the steps by the
    gym so I have the signatures of both the winning and losing coaches plus Ozzie's.
    Never saw Bisiciotti.

    I know a guy who met Oz walking out of a restaurant in Oregon Ridge and he said
    Flacco please. Oz said he's that good huh? That's Oz. He's always bluffing, never letting anyone know what he's thinking.

    Remember the movie Godfather and he's giving it to Sonny for tipping his hand. He
    said never let anyone know what you're thinking. Oz saw the movie-lol.
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    Re: Terrific Ozzie article

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Silver View Post
    Fantastic article.

    A lot of you know me, I used to be a little bombastic. I have mellowed. I have an Ozzie Newsome story. Nothing epic mind you, but it captured everything in this article and then some, I was waiting for a time, a reason to post it more than just to brag, but back up this thread, the article, 'the MAN'.

    It was Thursday, June 20th at BWI Airport. I was flying to Ft. Lauderdale to hang with an old friend and meet her boyfriend. So I roll into 'Obrycki's' on the Southwest wing of the airport. Soon as I walk in, bam, Steeler fan wearing a Steeler shirt, typing away on his laptop. So I go over to this 'trespasser' and tell him, "I hate your team. But I respect you guys and you have a great coach." So we start some fun jawing for about 10 minutes and a spot opens up at the bar. I bid him farewell and safe travels and he imparts that he also "Hates my team, but we have the best GM in the league."

    Time passes, I chat with fellow travelers. Then, I get a tap on the shoulder. It is Steeler fan, getting ready to roll. He looks at me, tugs at his shirt and says, "Remember who told you. There's your man. Ozzie Newsome." He points to the right and son of a bitch, it is Ozzie Newsome. Steeler fan said, "Go on man, go get a picture with him before anyone else notices."

    I got up, went straight to his table. He was like all of us, waiting on a plane. There was a gentleman with him sporting a 'suit', Ozzie was casual, but in his style.

    "Excuse me Mr. Newsome. I was wondering if I might get a picture with you?" I asked.

    Ozzie, I could tell in the deep recesses of his mind was thinking, "Damn, I've been spotted!" He made no initial response, but it felt like that 1 second was an eternity for me. I lowered my head, pointed to my Super Bowl 47 World Champion Baltimore Ravens cap and said, 'C'mon Oz! I'm representing!"

    Again, it was like that next second was an hour, and he then nodded and said, "Yup, you are." He got up, I gave my camera to his companion, and he snapped the shot. "Thank you Mr. Newsome." I then meet two close friends right after purely by chance as Ozzie sat down and ended up sitting next to them on the flight to Florida. Ozzie didn't get hassled much after me, maybe two other people, seems with all the traffic, he was just another traveler after a few people picked up on who I had my picture with.

    As I left Obrycki's, I walked past him and turned to him, held out my hand, he took it and we shook. I said, "Thanks again Mr. Newsome. You are the best General Manager in in the NFL. Congratulations on this past season and good luck to you and the Ravens this season."

    "You are welcome, and thank you." was his reply.

    I met the wizard.

    Good stuff!!

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    Re: Terrific Ozzie article

    Great read...thanks for sharing! Makes you proud he is on our team!
    "Grab those pusillanimous sons-a-bitches by the nose and kick 'em in the balls.." General George S. Patton


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