First and foremost, I have to give the Cincinnati Bengals credit. This year, they are winning the close games they usually lose and they followed up last week's performance with a strong start today, where they might have played uninspired in years passed, following last week's victory in Detroit.

Dallas and Detroit pretty much ended the way I expected. This is the story of Dallas.

New York made it work today in Philadelphia. In that division, they still have a chance. They are the one team in that conference even, that is the most dangerous when they are hot.

Atlanta's deficiencies did not magically go away and Matt Ryan is another QB struggling with a lack of weapons.

I expected Miami to blow it, but not that badly.

Cleveland hung in their with KC who, at one point or another, is going to have to put up more offense.

As I type this, Sio Moore (My guy), sacks Ben.