I have done more to help the Ravens win games this year.

What a chump. He is a choke artist. He tried desperately to keep the Ravens from winning the Super Bowl last year. Fumbling inside the twenty, what a loser.

He gets the ball today with the clock at zero. He runs in slow-motion three steps then just dives down. Then he springs right back up to start hugging the guy who tackled him. He showed more spring to get back up and congratulate the division rival than he has shown at any point in the last 11 games. He doesn't even think about lateralling the ball even though Torrey Smith was right there.

Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

He is pathetic. He is a loser. A chump. Somewhere along the way he lost all interest in being a champion. Thank God he has Flacco there to baby feed him a superbowl ring.

The fact the Ravens get criticized so damn much for Flacco's contract yet never mention Ray Rice's huge contract is RIDICULOUS.

I'd take the dead money and cut him. He is a loser and his presence hurts this team Bigtime.