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You can't expect to successfully "roll the pocket" if the defenders get to the area faster than the blockers.

You can't expect to successfully "run faster developing plays" when your WRs are being pressed because the opponent is serenely confident that his pass rush will be making Joe's life miserable before his receivers can shake free.

You can't expect to successfully run draw plays when pressure is coming right up the gut & your interior line is so overmatched it cannot deflect the rush enough to create a running lane.

If the OL was capable of supporting any of these tactics, they'd be having more success with the plays they do run.
Maybe. But even according to FS, the O-line was not THAT bad on EVERYTHING, the way you're presenting. IMO, the Ravens offense does nothing to try to compensate for its weaknesses. And if they can't do anything about it, they really don't belong on an NFL field to begin with. And I don't think it's nearly as bad as you're presenting. I think they are simply making a bad situation worse, rather than better.