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Rush said months ago, don't be surprised if Christie runs for the DEMs. YOung people more fiscal?

My nephews that recently graduated from college are all liberals and they laughed when I said you'll be poor when your my age paying for the taxes on O BUMMER CARE.
They laughed.

Just two weeks ago my gorgeous niece who attends Slippery Rock announced on facebook that she is a liberal. If you didn't know it then, you do now. Her father is a baptist minister and she grew up in a Christian conservative home. All these kids are breaking my heart turning liberal.

I gave them all $2,000 when they left for college.

I wonder if they'll give me a refund. They won't get another cent from me.
Air, I offer my sympathy. But look at the national polls and their demographic breakdown, especially the one on Obama that just came out. The youth vote disapproves of him a bit more than 30-49 yr olds. In VA they were the group that voted libertarian the most. The GOP can win enough of them over, but they have to tone some thing's down a lil bit.