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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    It's funny to listen to people complain about the crowd noise who don't show up to the games. Keep in mind an 88% chance of rain was predicted and it was still a sell out. Lots of families were there. The crowd was jacked until the Patriots took the crowd out of the game. Yes the Patriots had a lot of help from the officials. Side Judge 97 ref in particular had an agenda.

    Things were bad enough that alcohol sales ended at halftime. They usually end at 3rd quarter. I recommend showing up and letting your voice be heard. People were literally giving away tickets a few hours before kickoff on account of the foul weather all day. 71,000 still showed up prepared to be rained on for 4 hours.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    Quote Originally Posted by Raving Sports Fan View Post
    Not sure which call you're talking about but to me the BS chant was more about calls as a whole up to that point. I haven't watched the DVR yet but the call on (jimmy smith?) that set up the 1st TD was Bull shit and changed the tone of the 1st half. Later the call on Oher was bullshit. Both of those were coming right at my area of the EZ. To me the crowd has been down a little bit all year, it takes more to get them up. There was a lot of Pats fans in my section last night. Hell there was a 49er's fan there behind me tonight talking smack.. really man why are you at a Pats/Ravens game?
    Probably the Patriots (ruled on field) fumble that was correctly overturned. I knew as soon as it happened that it wasn't worth cheering over until the replay. Saw the replay, and accurately predicted a crowd "BS" chant, even though overturning it was the right call.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    You expect a boisterous crowd when the Ravens are getting crushed on the field in miserable weather????

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    Quote Originally Posted by blah3 View Post
    You expect a boisterous crowd when the Ravens are getting crushed on the field in miserable weather????
    I thought that the crowd was pretty decent given how the Patriots immediately took us out of the game...most stayed until about 5:00 left in the game, which was impressive...unfortunately, the Ravens never really gave us a reason/chance to get more into the game.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    If anyone is criticizing the crowd from a couch, shut up and buy a ticket. There were a lot of Pats fans that got a hold of tickets, so you could have gone too.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    I don't think criticizing fan noise from home through the tv is really an accurate predictor of how good a crowd is. You're not going to know unless you are there in person. Each network broadcasts the game in a different way and therefore the sounds that are picked up a slightly different. I've been to many games and thought it was kind of quiet and dull only to come home and read that everyone thought the crowd was great and loud. And the opposite has been true too, been to loud games and then read that people thought the crowd wasn't into it.

    To echo MikeinGlenDale's comments it's funny to listen to people who sat at home on their couch rip people who actually went to the game and tried to cheer the team on. Going to a game is generally an all day commitment. So I commend whoever showed up yesterday for sacrificing their time during the holiday season when they could have been doing any number of other things. If you have a problem with crowd noise then get a ticket and go and scream your head off. Sitting at home and bitching about it will not do anything.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    I cant speak for others but i know every game no matter if its preseason regular season or post season I yell as loud as I can for every defensive play and stand for every 3rd or 4th down play. So I am always as loud as possible no matter what the score is

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    FWIW I was talking to a friend last night who was at the game (PSL owner) who said before the game he saw a lot more people than usual looking at their tickets trying to figure out where they were sitting, He interpreted that to mean a lot more regulars than usual had sold or given away their seats for whatever reason. Anecdote, just passing it along...

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    I was switching from the Cincy/Minn and Buff/Mia game and it appeared that the crowd was a lot louder in Buffalo then Cincy. Fox carried the Cincy game & CBS the Buffalo game so I do not know if the networks have different sound variations but Buffalo was definitely louder with less people in the stands.

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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    It is plenty loud at the stadium. The last game... well, the tone was set early. it is hard to do much else than face-palm at the embarrasisng spectacle that rolled out of the Ravens locker room. If the team need the crowd to be loud, then give them a reason to be loud. It is hard to cheer for low standards.
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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    It was plenty loud during much of the game but the Fans were definitely getting antsy over the lack of scoring. I've noticed a kind of phenomenon during crappy games like these when the crowd wants desperately to will their team to win (or at least score a TD fer cryin out loud!) and sure enough they started hollering down, even chanting for us to get up and fire them all the hell up lol. There was an injury time out but thankfully our guy was just slightly injured and quickly got off the field. They went to commercial and there was a rare moment without loud music on the PA. The Fans were about begging for a Cheer (normally reserved for scores), so in a game when the stinkin New England Cheatriots were whomping our ass in the last home game of the year, 7 sections of die hard Fans got up and cheered "R-A-V-E-N-S RAVENS!!!" at the top of their lungs. It reverbrated around the stadium. A few minutes later they got their reward as the Ravens scored their only TD, and the ensuing Cheer spread halfway round the West Endzone.

    Baltimore Fandom is fine.
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    Re: WTF has happened to our crowd?

    The thread title should be "WTF has happened to our Offense" I was at the game and the crowd was good for the crap game our coaches put together. The "players did not execute" is a bullshit excuse for bad coaching and play calling which was highlighted by the 3 and 1 followed by a 4 and 1 on the goalline.


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