The pick 6 is a timing throw. I have to blame that on the receivers and the coaches. Flacco expects the receiver not to break off that open and get that separation, as well he should think because that's just how they have been all season. A timing route requires TIMING. That's a two way street. All season these receivers don't get separation so Flacco is playing accordingly, throwing it as if the receiver won't come open with that separation. The coaches needed to eliminate timing throws from the play book around week 5 when it became obvious these receivers aren't consistent enough to rely on their location during those plays. When you can't rely on their location, the play will fail. We just don't have the consistency to attempt those kind of plays so the result is that Flacco throws the ball to a place where the receiver isn't all too often. If he throws it out front and the receiver doesn't come open it gets picked as well so those throws have been lose lose prospects all year without any predictability of where the receiver will get on those timing plays. That's how I see it anyway. Just a failure all season long of coaching. Receivers aren't consistent enough and the coaches didn't adjust and call plays that suited this personnels strengths and hide their deficiencies.