Late to the dance but Sting wanted creative control over his character, and still does, which is why he hasn't signed a deal to wrestle in WWE. It's not as much about the $. We all know Vince can pay the guy more than TNA ever could. Sting just want's 100% control of his character and story lines and WWE won't give it to him, which is why they are still trying to iron out the details and agree on something.

Honestly, at this point with Lesnar already beating the Undertaker, I don't care to see Sting wrestle for the WWE. Just let him get inducted into the HOF as they only guy to not wrestle for Vince. He belongs in a legit HOF and not the crap TNA has come up with. TNA is a huge sinking ship at this point. It all started when Hogan and Bischoff were signed on to help them out. They were much better before Hogan and Bischoff joined and now they are much worse since they (and Jarrett) are gone. Add that to the fact that Kurt Angle's ex old lady (Karren) cheated on him with Jeff Jarrett(now his wife) and Angle made demands to Dixie Carter or he would sue the company resulting in Jeff Jarrett gone. They continue to let the guys that "built the TnA house" walk and keep signing WWE cast offs.

The only guys in TNA I'd like to see back in the WWE are the Hardy Boys.

Kurt Angle was in talks with them recently, but he wants a part time schedule and they want him to work full time.

Hopefully, Jeff Jarrett's new promotion will pick up and become a better option for viewers. WWE needs some competition. Well, wrestling fans need WWE to have some competition.