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    Keys to defeat Pats

    To beat the Pats I think we must rush McGahee at least 25-30 times and the defense will have to play out of their minds. I'm talking the 2000 Raven D will have to show up. CMac says he feels great and expects to play, any word if Rolle might play? Hopefully Heap will play. The wind should limited the Pats passing attack some, mostly the deep ball. What are your keys to success for the Ravens?
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    Re: Keys to defeat Pats

    Hit Brady hard. Hit Moss hard. Don't turn the ball over. Score TDs.

    No team has accomplished all 4 of those things against them this season. If the Ravens stand a chance they have to do those. I'm praying for at least 3 out of 4.

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    Re: Keys to defeat Pats

    Let's go wind! Let's go wind!


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