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    Smash Mouth Football

    I don't know about the rest of you guys (and gals, of course), but the 'smash-mouth' approach to last night's game was GREAT! The Ravens rammed the ball down the Pats throats, which, in turn, freed up the pass. Our O-line, dare I say, controlled the line-of-scrimmage, and man-handled a good O-line of the Patriots. And Willis ran like a banchy last night. And, Kyle, with the exception of that one horrible decision which led to the interception, made some really nice, critical throws last night, not to mention his block on AD which freed up Willis on one of his many jaunts. I love it when our team can run the ball like they did, and our D plays the way they did last night!

    Ravens, you made the fanbase proud last night, even in Defeat!

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    Banshee, and I agree. The boys on the lines did well.

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    Where has it been all year?

    A game plan that is run oriented and lets our huge line get man on man and push the trench back.

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    I also like the adjustments with Grubbs and Brown helping Flynn on the NT. It really made things work well.

    Yanda looks good too.

    Once the offensive line gets tinkered right, this team will be a force.

    1 concern is center, other is if Gaither/Terry can replace JO, next is general depth concern.
    Just win baby...

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    Yes and no.

    Honestly, the last 3 drives we had all came down to 3rd and 2 type situations where we usuallyran the ball.

    in past games, Billick threw in some passes and fans hated that.

    But when are fans going to realize that in the NFL 3rd and 2 is a passing down? And not a pass to the RB either (i hate that play)

    Smashmouth is good, but you need the passing game to balance it out. And we totally stopped passing it 4th quarter, allowing them to stop the run.

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    I hope Billick continues calling games like he did last night. We have a very aggressive defense, so the offense needs to stay on the field to give them some rest, and we are quite capable of that, as we showed yesterday

    All in all, I quite liked the playcalling, except thinking maybe we should have run a little more play-action pass, and those 3rd-and-2 calls were too predictable. Either way, much better than what we've seen in recent times

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    I think it was great Billick stayed with the run.As those aging PAT LB's would start to get winded.That was some great push upfront,with some amazing moves,and cuts by Willis. Man,that was so uplifting,just like when Jamal was at his prime and we were pushing the heck out of opposing D'lines.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Smash Mouth Football

    Our offense really showed promise yesterday. Now if only we could get that type of effort (minus penalties) week in and week out we'd be in like Flynn...



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