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Thread: Delay of game?

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    Re: Delay of game?

    If we can not trust Jamal / Mike A. to run 4 plays (3 of which will be off left tackle!) to get a first down in a pressure situation then we might as well all start getting ready for next season.

    Taking a knee four times allowed them to run at us / try to smack someone - more risk of an injury.

  2. Re: Delay of game?

    I totally disagree with the call billick made at the end of the game. Even though the skins/cowboys game had a block punt...they still didnt score a td..they got a FG. Blocked FG's are rare.

    Also we had Ed Reed in the backfield to run down any fumbles or miscues..thats why he was back there. Run the ball try for the 1st down, dont get it kick the fg, even if we miss the fg...they would get the ball about where they got it anyway. He made 4 fg's, dont like the odds on that?
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