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    Post-Debate Polls

    All of the post-debate polls are slowly being released today. Prior to the polls, Obama was ahead in the national polls a point or two above the margin of error.

    The first debate was on foreign policy which is McCain's strong point and it was generally assumed that the polls would move in his favor and tighten up the races. The overall consensus after the debate though was that Obama won on major points and came acrosss as more "presidential".

    In the four daily tracker polls:

    Rasmussen: Obama +6
    Hotline/FD: Obama +5
    Research 2k: Obama +10
    Gallup: Obama +6 (yesterday, still waiting on today)

    look at the trend since September

    Obama has received a post-debate bump and moved significantly higher than the MOE. He is also receiving above 50% inmany of these polls.

    In battleground states, it is even more favorable for the Obama camp:

    Ohio - Quiinapac - +8
    PA - Quinnapac - +15
    VA - Poll Position: Obama +6
    Florida- Quinnapac - Obama +8
    Colorado - fox- Obama +1
    N. carolina - PPP - Obama +2

    With the exception of PA, the other states were all won by Bush in 04. These poll numbers are really beginning to indicate the potential of a blow out this November. has Obama projected at 348 to 190 today.

    Next chance for McCain - The Biden/Palin debate. uh yeah... good luck there guys.
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