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    Re: NFL sunday ticket question

    You can watch it free on
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    Re: NFL sunday ticket question

    Quote Originally Posted by HKusp View Post
    Their customer service is very good. I am interested to see how they are going to handle all the people who want out of their contract next season though.
    you dont cancel your contract you just cancel the Sunday ticket. They handed out Sunday ticket for free to customers knowing most of them would cancel next season but they still got a 1-2 year contract our of it from the customer for regular tv

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    I use Sunday Ticket in conjunction with a Sling Box. Works great and I can watch my home TV with my iPhone, iPad and laptop.
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    Re: NFL sunday ticket question

    I love my Sunday Ticket. I watched the Texans/Saints game live. My son watched the Lions/Vikings in another room. I also recorded the Bill/Patriots, Browns/Dolphins and Giants/Eagles and that was just the 1 o'clock games.

    The shortcuts is also great if you didn't get a chance to see the whole game. It's every single snap and it's only 1/2 long. The Sunday Ticket is expensive but if you live out of town it's worth it. Right now with the economy sinking again it's pretty much the only discretionary item that I am paying for.
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    Re: NFL sunday ticket question

    I cancelled my subscription this season.


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