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    Carolina's offense.

    Ok, after watching highlights the first four weeks of the season, what in h-e-double hockeysticks is going on out there??

    Receivers aren't just open, they are literally completely wide open, with people not within ten to fifteen yards of them! I've never seen that many wide open guys in my life.

    Is it defenses stacking the box and daring the rook to beat them? Is it them being worried about Newton running(he's not a huge running threat is he?).

    Whatever it is, the Ravens need to find out why these guys are so open and copy it

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    Re: Carolina's offense.

    Opponents key on the run. The Panthers are coming out in double tight end sets just like the Patriots and not running the ball. Shockey and Olsen are in the patterns against base defenses and now have to be accounted for.

    Chudzinksi ran that offense with the Browns and had them as a top 10 ranked offense. He used Winslow and Jurevicious to open things up the same way and the Browns won 10 games. Next year Winslow get a staph infection because that's what happens when you're a Brown and it's over. The whole scheme falls apart.

    Chudzinksi by the way becomes the TE coach of the Chargers. Everyone who plays the Panthers needs to address the Tight Ends. That's their whole system.
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