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    Now Lienart is hurt. They're down to their 3 string QB.
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    Re: Texans

    It is only a matter of time.......
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    Re: Texans

    Their season is over. The Titans are basically a shoe-in for the division crown.

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    Looking at the schedules I see two losses for titans and texans. Could come down to their head to head at end of season
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    Re: Texans

    Nah, Texans should still win the division. They'll just likely not go far in the playoffs. Their D and run game will be enough (like today).

    They've a two game lead with the half-tiebreaker.

    Houston may lose their next two (home vs Atlanta, away at Cincy), but should win the two after (Carolina at home, Indy away - though on a short week. Indy's last chance to win one?). Then Ten at home. 10-6.

    Tennessee are away at Buffalo and Saints at home - tough, but easily see two losses. then they're away at Indy, home vs Jax. Houston away.

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    Re: Texans

    Would be an incredible game if it comes down to Week Seventeen for the division

    I think the Texans will hang on and wrap it up before then

    What was up with Hasslebeck today? Titans won despite his two careless and sloppy INT's

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    Re: Texans

    I'd actually like to get them in the playoffs. Our D would have a field day with TJ Yates or whoever they have starting.


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