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    Re: Wife "Fired" because of Steeler Fan. WOW!

    The only day I can get away with wearing Ravens gear to work is the Friday before a game. Otherwise, I have to dress business casual or be fired. Oh yea, and I work in Baltimore city.

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    Re: Wife "Fired" because of Steeler Fan. WOW!

    No one here knows what the policy was where she worked when it came to wearing that Ravens sweater, I'd assume she had clearance to do so or wouldn't have.

    Eh, leak it to the news and get the business some bad publicity, they deserve it if that woman really got fired for responding to some a-hole Steelers fan.

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    You don't fire someone over wearing team gear once. This was the Steeler guy flexing his muscle.

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    Re: Wife "Fired" because of Steeler Fan. WOW!

    She worked in an open office to a car shop in GEORGIA, not West Virginia.. I mean Pittsburgh, PA. Other employees wear whatever sports attire they want. Not really a fancy professional office. The manager with a straight face said that she was being fired because a customer complained in regards to sports.

    There was no dress code. Just some whinning old man that was butt hurt.

    O and I found out one more small detail that probably set the fuse off. She asked him if he was from Pittsburgh or PA area, and of course you know the answer.

    Your opinion is exactly that.
    But by no means do I think anybody should get fired in regards to someone being butt hurt that their team lost.

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    Re: Wife "Fired" because of Steeler Fan. WOW!

    I was going to post before, saying no offense to your buddy or his wife, but I feel like the whole story wasn't there...but some people can be truly that idiotic, to fire without real just cause...

    So instead I'll say this...If the guy really fired her just for "customer comment related to sports", that was not a good job to have. If the owner is going to fire people because they disagreed with a customer on something totally unrelated to the business of the company without getting beligerent or inciteful, then that company is due to fail because the owner is going to make decisions based on personal friends and not business savvy.

    It sucks, but tell your buddy's wife that it's a blessing in disguise, as I'm sure her NEXT job will outlast the job she was just fired from, and she won't have to worry about an idiot boss.

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    Re: Wife "Fired" because of Steeler Fan. WOW!

    She should have been wearing a button of the University of Georgia's mascot Uga - the bulldog and every thing would have been fine.

    In SEC country you need to know where your real moneymaker allegiances are.


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