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How do you not explain all the great performances he's had in a Ravens uniform then? I don't need to mention them all, like this year nearly all his home games have been amazing.

We wouldn't be 6-2 if it wasn't for Joe Flacco, the defense has been awful in most the games this year.
That's what I am saying. He has to be perfect to fit his passes into such a small window, over and over again.
The room for error is too small. It should NOT be that way.
We have Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones on the outside, and Pitta and Boldin on the inside.

Look at the Steelers just last week. Ben is getting his passes out quicker, by DESIGN AND YET, his receivers are running free...WHY IS THAT? Who is helping them get open? Are all the receivers in the league better than the Ravens' receivers?

If Joe looked downfield and saw all his receivers open all over the place, his biggest decision would be WHICH ONE to throw to?! Instead...he looks downfield and sees every receiver wearing a DB for a jersey.