Free-agent Bryant McKinnie visiting the Miami Dolphins

Bryant McKinnie

Now that the draft has come and gone, former Raven and current free agent left tackle Bryant McKinnie is expected to find himself a new employer shortly.

NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington reports that McKinnie is on his way to Miami to visit the Dolphins today. For the past few weeks, the Dolphins have been trying to work out a trade with the Kansas City Chiefs for their eft tackle, Glen Burnie’s own Brandon Albert. With the two sides unable to agree on compensation, they did not strike a deal this weekend.

McKinnie, the former Miami Hurricane – and current resident of Miami/Dade County – could be the Dolphins’ alternative option if they’re ultimately unable to work anything out with the Chiefs for Albert’s services.

Two weeks ago, Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said he has been in contact with McKinnie’s agent Michael George and the two have a very good relationship. McKinnie has a Super Bowl ring to show for his time in Baltimore, but may still feel a little slighted knowing that the Ravens asked him to reduce his salary by $1 million just six days before their 2012 season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

On the final day of the draft, the Ravens selected G/T Ricky Wagner from Wisconsin with the 168th overall selection (5th round). Wagner is 6-foot-6, 320 pounds and started three years at Wisconsin (at both tackle spots). It may be premature to judge, but Wagner probably won’t be starting the season at tackle, as most draft “experts” project him as more likely to play guard professionally. Wagner is a great value in the fifth round considering his tenure at Wisconsin and the high level of competition he faced while there.

During the Ravens’ pre-draft media luncheon, head coach John Harbaugh stated that second-year G/T Kelechi Osemele would have been likely to open the season at left tackle had the season started that day. With Wagner being the only major addition into the mix, unless the Ravens can make a last ditch effort to sign McKinnie, it appears that K.O. will become the new starting left tackle.

The Ravens addressed most of their needs over the weekend, finding a new starting safety and inside linebacker. However, starting left tackle is still up in the air, despite being one of the most important positions on the offense, especially after the team invested $120 million in Joe Flacco.

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14 Raves on “Free-agent Bryant McKinnie visiting the Miami Dolphins

  1. David on said:

    This was so stupid for the Ravens not to have signed McKinnie. We would not have won the superbowl without him at LT. With Mckinnie at LT Joe is a 120 million$ quarterback, with Oher at LT Joe is a 30 million $ quarterback. KO is not fast enough for LT you’ll just reduce his effectiveness and create a huge problem at LG. McKinnie would not cost that much and we have the cap room. This crap of getting rid of everyone Harbaugh finds a little difficult to manage has to stop

    • g money on said:

      haha. thats a funny thing to say. recall that when mckinnie came into the lineup that michael oher moved to the right and KO moved to left guard, where he played magnificently. dont believe that it was all bmac. i am stoked to see that bmac might be someone else’s problem, i hope he doesnt leave miami without a deal. that guy is not a solution to our left tackle problem, he is just an out of shape, unmotivated band-aid. David, you are a funny guy. thanks for this post, its been a tough day and i needed a little comic relief.

    • Big Perm on said:

      Now this is a good way to start my day. Reading comments from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. you really want fat ass lazy unmotivated mckinnie back at LT? what makes you think he can last 16-20 games? i’m not sure what the solution is for the LT position but i am sure its not mckinnie. ozzie will do whats best. and joe is a 120 million$ QB all day! David, here is some advice… If you really believe what you said (obviously you dont like flacco or harbaugh) then you should just take your unreasonable fandom a few miles south and be a Redskins fan!

  2. Sdot on said:

    Unbelievable!! Why are we willing to let him walk?? He’s one if the cheapest LT out there and proven that he still has what it takes to be a solid protector of our blindside. I really hope that the front office isn’t really counting on KO to b out LT smh. We have a chance to have a dominant O line and we choose to downgrade because BMac won’t take a pay cut from a check that’s already discounted???

  3. on said:

    It is annoying to watch this unfold as far as KO goes. For all the attention mckinnie got, it was KO’s play at LG that was simply superb. Didn’t he grade out with an “A” here for the playoffs? Heck, i think he got 2 “A+” for playoff games including the superbowl. I’d love to leave him at guard paired with yanda. A left side of KO, Reid?, gradkowski sounds questionable. The ravens aren’t done and are even more aware than us fans what needs to be done but it is frustrating………………the guy looks like a pro bowl mauler at guard or potentially an upper tier RT but nothing in his pass blocking last year on the opposite side gives me a huge shot of confidence in that potential left side. I think even gradkowski would benefit from having a really exceptional tandem of guards to his sides.

  4. on said:

    Not to particularly pick on mckinnie but the frustration extends to several facets. The year he started, he was credited with 8.5 sacks against. One in the season finale vs the bengals and 2 in the playoffs. He is a subpar run blocker even in getting in the way on runs to the right side. What makes it really annoying is that we’re a downfield passing team and the extra split second his pass blocking (vs oher) gives is the difference between a lot of plays made and plays disrupted by pressure. He isn’t really that good but is better than the alternatives unless big KO really is ready to play left tackle. I wish we were the saints who have/had an outstanding interior built around all pro guards and get by with adequate tackle play………………….sorry to towson’s own two time pro bowler Jermon Bushrod.

  5. on said:

    Last thought is the real wish is that Jared Gaither had a heart (or whatever his issue is). He was an outstanding LT for us. A pro bowler in waiting. Mauling run blocker who graded out near the top at any line position and three times the pass blocker mckinnie is. Very dissapointing circumstances with him.

  6. Ravenwoman on said:

    It seems fairly obvious to me that the Ravens don’t want McKinney. Otherwise, they would have offered a contract by now. They will be going in a different direction and probably wait and see who gets cut from another team. Otherwise, it will be a plug and play mentality with whoever can do the best job protecting Joe. I really would like to see this 5th rounder from Wisconsin come in and learn the position. Juan Castille is going to be one busy coach this year.

  7. Fran the Fan on said:

    I think the Ravens will wait until the very last minute to sign McKinnie, if at all. Ozzie will play his usual waiting game; he’ll watch to see what teams cut who to make the rookie cap and then wait a bit more and see what else shakes out. If nothing pops up and McKinnie is still available then they’ll try to sign him.

    I heard McKinnie on the NFL network and he said (and I’m paraphrasing here) that “there will be no home town discount this time. They signed the Franchise, now they (Ravens) need some insurance.”

    They may even wait until training camp. They’ve done that before with Jacoby Jones and Justin Tucker just last year. But I have no fear that Ozzie and company will leave Joe Flacco unprotected.

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