(Game)day in the life of a Ravens fan: San Diego

Welcome Ravens fans, to an all too familiar emotional roller coaster known as a Ravens gameday. What you are about to read is the raw, unedited (okay, maybe a little edited), and real account of my November 25th Ravens- Chargers experience.

4:00 PM: I find myself hopelessly cheering for the Browns. It looks like they might win, but I expect Pittsburgh to pull out a victory in the end, like always. Flacco commercial comes on… I pray that his on field performance today is better than his acting.

4:05 PM: My stomach is turning and I’m not sure if it’s from my post workout protein shake or nerves. I’ll go with nerves. Thrilled to see Ray Lewis in San Diego asking if there are any dogs in the house. The game begins.

4:08 PM: Holy Hell the Browns beat the Steelers! I peel myself away from cheering for Cleveland (yuck) to explain to my Mother why yelling, “BLOCK!” while we are on defense makes no sense.

4:11 PM: I instigate the first of many barking fits from my Yorkshire Terrier as I jump and scream for a Paul Kruger sack. Yet another commercial break and another chance for me to recite Aaron Rodgers’ State Farm commercial word for word.

4:24 PM: Offense looks lame today but at least they got a first down, right? Tired of seeing Ed Reed look half-dead after every routine tackle. On the bright side, I am loving Pees’ blitzing on third down, Ellerbe with a sack!

4:30 PM: Q trucks Charger defender. I stand and applaud.

4:34 PM: Jacoby drops pass that hits him right in hands. I sit and shake my head. This game is going by quickly. Heart Rate and blood pressure remain in stable condition.

4:46 PM: I like Pierce but I’m starting to notice that he tries to bounce everything outside. I coach him up from the couch but I don’t think he can hear me. Third down comes up and another throw is forced into coverage. I’m getting a bad feeling about this.

4:54 PM: Chargers offensive line transforms into a stone wall as our blitz is handled and Rivers throws an easy TD. I see a lot of purple in the stands but worry that they won’t have anything to cheer about today.

4:58 PM: Shades of Seattle last year. Disastrous play as Jones and Dickson are both injured on a “fumbled” kickoff. Fouts says it isn’t worth a challenge. I promptly start to ignore everything he says.

5:22 PM: Halftime comes and I’m expected to eat. I have no appetite. I take a peek at the message board looking for something encouraging but leave even more infuriated than I came. Do not forget Ray Rice in the second half Cam! Heart rate and blood pressure increasing with every punt.

5:59 PM: Happy to see life from offense as Torrey breaks a tackle and runs for 54 yards. On ensuing defensive possession, I begin to wonder if Le’Ron McClain wishes he were still a Raven. I swear I just saw him celebrate a sack with Art Jones. Momentum shifting!

6:19 PM: Horrible spot on 3rd down QB sneak and of course we call an outside run to Pierce on 4th and inches. Momentum gone.

6:29 PM: Just yelled loud enough to break glass. Game changing penalty on Pollard torso hit.

6:50 PM: Excellent drive by the offense. Joe in a rhythm now. Glad to see some fight!

6:55 PM: HELL YEAH! Great stand on D. Here we go.

7:02 PM: Parents just asked if refs were from Cali in regards to Yanda “hold.” I told them he was from Pittsburgh (ed. note: True).

7:08 PM: 4th and 29. Game over.

7:09 PM: Are you freaking kidding me!? Ray Rice is amazing. I’m holding back from celebrating while this is under review… I don’t want to be disappointed.

7:18 PM: Tucker for tying field goal. He’s money! So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

7:42 PM: When Cary Williams, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Tandon Doss make big plays you know the Ravens are going to win. Loving the clutch play in overtime.

7:49 PM: Torrey Smith!!! I could kiss you right now. Tucker to try game winner. Heart rate and blood pressure at an all time high.

7:51 PM: It’s good! Relief, pride, but most of all pure joy. Ravens win.

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