GIF: Did Ray Rice Spit at Browns DT Phil Taylor?

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On the Ravens’ opening drive Sunday against Cleveland, they started off going backwards – an incomplete pass to (gasp!) Ed Dickson, followed by a three-yard loss by Ray Rice. It looked as if they would immediately be facing a 3rd-and-very-long to start the game, but instead a 15-yard personal foul penalty on Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor gave them a fresh set of downs.

However, it wasn’t just your typical run-of-the-mill altercation or late hit that drew the flag. We saw Taylor punch Rice in the face, but even after the flag was thrown, the chains were moved, and the officials tried to resume play, Rice and Taylor still seemed to be barking at each other.

The officials even went so far as to warn both teams to settle down, delaying things even further.

After the game, Taylor offered his explanation for what happened:

The Browns nose guard said “something happened” that caused him to slap the Baltimore Ravens halfback in the helmet and incur a 15-yard penalty after Rice was tackled for a loss on the game’s second play.

Asked by reporters following the Browns’ 14-6 loss if Rice spit on him, Taylor said: “Look at the film, you will see . . . I’m not going to say. It is what it is. I need to keep my composure.”

A replay shows Taylor and Rice face mask to face mask after Desmond Bryant tackled the Raven veteran for a 3-yard loss.

“I heard a guy scream he got spit on,” Browns linebacker D’Qwell Jackson said. “If guys are spitting, that’s immature. That’s elementary. We’re all grown men. There’s no need to spit on a guy. I don’t know if it was Ray, but apparently someone got spit on.”

It seems highly unlikely that Rice, who is well-known as one of the best role models and stand-up gentlemen in the league, a pillar of the Baltimore community who devotes countless hours of his time to charity (especially those involving children), would do such a thing.

Here’s a GIF of the incident (c/o @GDixon410):

And here’s video of it, on

Rice seemed to get even more heated moments after Taylor punched him – perhaps taking great offense to being accused of something as disgusting as spitting?

So, what do you think?

Did Ray Rice spit at Phil Taylor?
Yes (14%)
No way! (31%)
Hard to tell, but very doubtful (45%)
Lets wait and hear what Ray has to say (10%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

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15 Raves on “GIF: Did Ray Rice Spit at Browns DT Phil Taylor?

  1. Joseph Geisler on said:

    At the moment in the gif when the spit looks to be taking place Ray has a full purple mouth guard in which covers the upper and lower lips completely, right after the browns player hits him and he turns back around he puts his hand up to remove the mouth guard, when I played football I don’t remember being able to spit with my mouth guard in not that I was trying to but it was a full 1 piece setup similar to the one Ray seems to be wearing and it would be like spitting on myself because the mouth guard is so bulky it would block anything coming out.

    • cbay52 on said:

      I never could spit through my mouth guard and I never wore a full mouth guard, just the one sided type.Had I tried I’d probably have just drooled on myself.

      I watched the video on the NFL’s website easily two dozen times last night because when I saw the replay on television it sure looked like Ray Rice made the motion as if he were spitting. I learned two things. First of all that player they use is terrible. Second, no spit ever leaves Rice’s mouth unless he fired that thing out at the speed of sound with a full guard in his mouth. In my opinion Ray Rice bucked his head a tiny bit to emphasize a comment like “Go ‘head!” in response to Taylor. I know if I was a 335 defensive tackle and someone spit on me I’d have done much more than slap them in the helmet.

  2. ddpacino on said:

    Like Joseph said… what appears to be an attempt to spit by Rice, he has a full mouthpiece in. After the guy smacked his head, you can clearly see Rice take it out of his mouth and was just jawing at him.


  3. Brandon on said:

    It pains me to say this, but after slowing down the video and pausing it over and over again, it looks like Ray didn’t spit on him, BUT he got slick with it and I seen what he did. He used his lips and mouth to kinda flick his mouth-guard causing a little bit of spit to fly out. It’s hard to explain. Imagine flicking mashed potatoes out of a spoon. Well, RR looks to have kinda used his teeth or mouth to do that with his mouth-guard. Not a full on spit, but I can see how he might think so. This is not in Ray’s demeanor at all.

  4. Kevin Reichard on said:

    Looked more like Ray Rice was trying to talk, & his mouth piece came out… Spit takes force & velocity… If Ray spit the whole mouth guard would have flew out of his mouth, & hit phil taylor in the face.. Taylor is just a sour puss, & a bully… Go Ravens !!!!

  5. Chad Spiegel on said:

    This is way out of Ray’s character, and like many others have commented, he has a mouth guard in. Spitting accusations aside, I think it was awesome that Rice got right up in Taylor’s face. Don’t mess with Ray!!

  6. john Carl on said:

    He can pull this BS sumwhere else but Ray Rice is in the community NON_STOP so the Ppl and Fans of Baltimore KNOW Ray Rice a lil more personally then MOST players.We Know that Ray was raised way better then that,is way to CLASSY and has beliefs and Morals to RIVAL “Tebow” SOO Taylor tried the WRONG lie on the WRONG Guy….We Know BETTER

    • Pete Sims on said:

      he does stuff in the community so he wouldn`t spit at another player?…is this meant to be comedy?…

      anybody with an ounce of honesty realizes that rice either spat or tried to spit on taylor…..just watch the gif…he gets punched immediately afterward…c`mon guys,stop with the b.s….because he`s a raven objectivity and common sense go out the window?

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