GIF: Lions Sideline Reacts to Tucker’s 61-yard Field Goal


On Monday night in Detroit, Justin Tucker boomed an NFL-indoor-record 61-yard field goal at the end of the fourth quarter to propel the Ravens to a 18-16 win over the Lions. Ravens (and Lions fans) everywhere probably had reactions very similar to those seen by players and coaches on the Detroit sideline.

However, we don’t have a GIF of those fans – fortunately, we DO have a GIF of the sideline.

And man, is it good.

I could watch this GIF for hours, and probably see something new every time.

Let’s break it down…

Starting from left to right:

  • 65 slides into the screen, hoping to body-english the kick off line
  • Brandon Pettigrew (87) makes a sort of “no good” signal, before realizing what happened and changing his stance to “WHAT?!”
  • Megatron (starts by Pettigrew) goes from holding his hands up in jubilation to throwing them down violently on his way out of the frame. “Man, I really should have caught that two-point conversion!”
  • Matt Stafford (backwards cap) starts the “hands on head” version of the wave, which is then taken up by the two inactive players in front of him.
  • Jim Schwartz gets ready to celebrate, then lowers his shoulders in clear “Ugh, Matt’s gonna throw another pick now” dejection.
  • Guy in yellow hat leeeeeeans back out of frame, completely disappears, then returns like a disappointed “Weeble.”
  • Bald Lions Coach in headphones and windbreaker looks like he just caught of whiff of some rotten eggs.
  • Giant guy with dreads on the right is giving a huge smile (not sure if a troll face or a “laugh so I don’t cry” face.)
  • Finally, Reggie Bush slides in from out of the frame to the right in a sort of sad “Harlem Shake” with his fingers lightly rapping his cheeks.
  • Finally, we have some guy in the back with white sleeves on whose arms are up THE ENTIRE TIME. What’s the deal with that?

And then of course there’s this…


GIF’s courtesy of NESN

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23 Raves on “GIF: Lions Sideline Reacts to Tucker’s 61-yard Field Goal

  1. Curtis Dickey on said:

    You would never see Flacco or the other Ravens on offense react like that. They would been on the sidelines already mentally preparing themselves for the last drive b/c they would have assumed the FG is going to be good. The Patterson TD was way more emotionally devastating, b/c they situation was way more dire. The Ravens had to go 80yds to score a TD with 45sec left and 2 TOs. Lions have to drive 45-50yds with 3TOs and 38secs. Stafford and Johnson, the leaders of your team, should be huddling the guys and saying that its alright… We got’em and we are gonna win this game. That Stafford reaction is why they are losers and why Joe and the Ravens are winners.

  2. paulie on said:

    WoW! Reggie Bush sliding in from the right doing the Macaulay Culkin ‘Home Alone’ face is absolutely classic . . .
    Pretty sure that the bald guy in headphones is John Bonamego, Special Teams Coach – and what he thinks was pure stank is the short kick off that made that field goal even possible.

    • RJ on said:

      THIS is my favorite part of the whole GIF, even though it lasts fora split second. I’m sure if the camera lingered a bit longer, we would have seen Bush clawing off his cheek meat! Still, I have nothing against the Lions, and am actually sad to see them not make the play-offs (this week) considering all the talent they have.

  3. Rick S on said:

    Disbelief turns into team-wide shock. You would have thought Tucker’s previous 5 field goals on Monday night would have given the Lions a clue about what was going to happen with Tucker’s 61-yard attempt. The Lions will be believers whenever they recover from their shock. Ravens fans already believe. And why not? We saw JT kick field goals from 10 yards further out than Billy Cundiff during 2012 summer practices when the two kickers competed for the position. Bye Bye Billy! Hello JT!!!

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