GIF: New Angle of Tomlin “Drifting” Toward Jacoby Jones

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I know, I know. It’s a dead horse at this point, and we just keep beating it. For that, I apologize.

Yet, when I hear people say that Mike Tomlin’s act of standing extremely close to the field, and then stepping onto the field in an attempt to get off of the field was anything but a deliberate attempt to slow down Jacoby Jones, I, to quote Mugatu, “feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

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In a new angle of the play from KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh, you can see Tomlin actually stepping toward the field just as Jones breaks through the hole.

Here’s a GIF of the clip, c/o Deadspin:

There’s Tomlin, clear as day, moving in the direction of the sideline, not away from it, like any rationale human being would do if they were trying to get out of the way. Tomlin says he lost his place while trying to look at the GIANT SCREEN IN THE SKY though, and somehow I’m sure there are still folks who claim to believe him.

I don’t get it.

Maybe once the All-22 coaches’ film becomes available, we’ll have the smoking gun to convert the apologists, but this latest tape is all I need.

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If you want another chuckle, check out video from the Ravens’ official website of the team’s sideline right after the following series.

Jones, of course, has some good Jacoby-isms, such as:

I was like, look at this [poop]!

- his reaction when he was running toward Tomlin; and

Thomson (Tomlinson?) was on the field!

- defending himself to teammates, including Torrey Smith, who were ribbing him for getting caught from behind.

He also does a nice little reenactment of the entire scene, from his perspective. Well worth your watch.

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7 Raves on “GIF: New Angle of Tomlin “Drifting” Toward Jacoby Jones

  1. BoldinRaver on said:

    When I look at the tape what bugs me isn’t that Tomlin did it so much as the cred he gets from his players. In that vid of him with that stupid grin, look at the players. Whatever the fine the NFL hands down will still be a bargain in terms of what coaches covet most!

  2. missyvicchiotti on said:

    He hates our team so much. He is a dirty coach and should be fined big time and other big consequences too. Our player could have got hurt big time, and he wanted to smile. Bull s***.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    ROFL so you dont see the ref running down the sideline? If tomlin didnt take that step towards the field the ref would of ran him over.

    • Tim on said:

      LOLZ. I love this yinzer troll comment. I’ve seen it a couple places now.

      If he had enough awareness of his position to know there was a ref bearing down on him and wanted to get out of the way, the appropriate reaction would have been to quick jump a step or 2 to his LEFT to get back off the stripe completely, not step further towards the field. Especially since the NFL had just sent out a notice for teams to not be on the stripe at all because it has been interfering with the refs. This doesn’t even begin to address the fact that if he somehow knew the ref was running down that sideline (but closer to the side than the field), he HAD to also know where Jacoby was).

      Nice try.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Must be a stupid steel town fan to think that Tomlin was avoiding the ref…. Man do I love when those pathetic steeler fans cry like little bitches that they are !!!!

  4. Tina Brashears on said:

    He’s a dirty coach , and just like they have dirty players…just a fine won’t be enough ! He needs that smart Ass grin wiped off his face !!!

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